Seed to harvest in 60- 65 days

While she looks good at 65 days. She is not ready to harvest. It is a lesson learned that can now be a lesson learned for the new and curious growers.
I am writing this post because I would have read one like this, and would have applied the old adage: Buyer beware.
I will not disrespect ILGM because this website has been a huge help to me, and to many others. So I will not say where I bought these seeds. I will say that my next grow (#3) will all be ILGM seeds.
The strain pictured was advertised as seed to harvest in 65 days. When I was figuring out my second grow; these seeds caught my attention.
You will see many of the experienced growers that are on here daily helping us newbies out. You will hear some of them debate that while 60-65 days might be accomplished, there are many variables that have to fall perfectly in place.
New growers like myself are so anxious, and overly excited to buy whatever we can to up our growing game.
What I have learned is that patience and knowledge are the keys to growing marijuana well. I have also learned that all of our growing conditions are different.
What does well for me may not work the same for someone else and their growing conditions.
Thank goodness for this forum, and the experienced growers like @Not2SureYet, @SRPG007, @CMichGrower, @Zee, @LandShark, @Covertgrower, @PP3121, @Hellraiser, and all many others I know that I am forgetting.
These autos have changed the growing game for everyone. What I need to do is to keep learning, and pass what I have learned on with all of you. That is why this forum works.
I will post the final results of this grow. They just will not be ready in 65 days.

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Sellers descriptions are designed to increase sales. Like the ad that got your attention. Yes, a quick harvest is possible…if everything is super good. But, really maxing harvest means going a little longer. Buds thicken, flavor matures and becomes more complex…and a little more buzzy… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I have no experience with autos, they do what they want when they want, lots of variables contribute to the end outcome, the harvest time. Everyone has expectations, I was sold on the blurple light I bought off Amazon, very disappointed in the reality, when I learned it’s advertising watts was some complex equation.

In a nutshell, I never bought another blurple, live, learn, move on.

Plants look happy and healthy, at least your in the home stretch.

I, just like you, are paying it forward.


Well Jim looks like soon you’ll be high lol from that… Looks good bruh! Nice job my friend! Oh, what strain is it? Curious. Grew so many a lot look damn near the same :rofl: Not all but some. Gg has that one twisted as I call it finger leaf.


Looking good to me.


Those look great. You look to be super close from what I see. If you want to be safe. Or for me at least. I always plan an extra 2 - 3 weeks flower time into each strain I do. Doesn’t matter if it is a photo or auto. My bloody skunk is supposed to be a 9 week start to finish. I am on week 12 with 2 more to go for it. I have only had a couple strains finish early for the supposedly fast autos. If you want to do an auto close to the schedule advertised. Soil is your best bet as autos veg less in it. And it can mess up your grow timing fast when they go to much longer than you expect.


@anon47338222, the strain is called Maxigom. It is supposed to be one of the early strains for autos. It has been fun to grow. Thanks for the shout out, and Go Blue!!!


@Not2SureYet, I agree. Safe to say that a 2-3 week addition at the end is inevitable. Please tag me when you post the bud porn pics of your skunk.


@JimHigh, I will tag you into my grow I am finishing. Other wise. I will forget. I can’t keep up in here any more. Going to be a lot worse once the lab moves over here. I will have to live on here to keep up then lol

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First of all, thank you for the tag. I do not belong in the same line-up with the likes of @Hellraiser, @Covertgrower, and the others listed.

Your words ring so true for me as I finished my first grow. I was only successful due to the many who also provided so much support. I think my patience was almost as important for having buds in a jars as we speak! That said, I know that I could have let them go another week or two.

Next grow will be very different. I’m going to keep learning and have fun!

Looking forward to your updates.