1st time grower wondering when to harvest White Widow Auto

1st time grower.
White Widow Auto at 50 days. I’m wondering when to harvest.

Seeds from ILGM
4 plants
32"x32"x60" tent
600 w MH 3 weeks
600 w HPS 3 weeks
4 gal fabric pots
FF Happy Frog soil
twice fed Bergman “Growtime” 1/4 strength nutes (so far)
3 times fed Bergman “Flowertime” 1/2 strength nutes (so far)
Sensi CalMag+ 3 times (so far)
dropped into water on Feb 1st 2019
50 days old
No training - very little pruning of lower leaves
I let them grow how they wanted to see how tall they would get for future grow reference. I’ve been lurking on this forum for the past 2 months. I read the The Cannabis Grow Bible by Greg Green, watched a lot of The Dude Grows show, Wake and America, and From Seed to Stoned. I’m throwing in my research for other new growers. I’m growing behind enemy [prohibition state] lines so I wanted to throw out some support for fellow renegades!

I did run into some environmental problems and ph problems but nothing that was detrimental so far. I’m very excited for the harvest and don’t want to do it too early or late. I don’t want the couch lock. I’m guessing that I wait till I get about 30% amber heads? I don’t know. Any thoughts on when to harvest these are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Had trouble getting the microscope app steady on my cam. Sry.



You still have at least 3 weeks or better

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Your pistols will be mostly orange before she is even close. That’s about the time I start to check trichomes.

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Looking nice, I’d wait until most trichomes are milky. If you notice one out of the millions amber,that looks like your time to harvest what your looking for. Try using micro scope app on video then you can stop on the clear shots and get a better look. When I have 3 TO 4 weeks left on white widows I water with one tbs black strap molasses per gallon one time, then ph water till harvest. Good luck!

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My last two WWA grows went about 110 days each grow - seed drop to chop. I harvest when trichs are about 15% amber. I use a jewelers loope to check them.

Your ladies look great!! :sunglasses::metal:

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Curious about the molasses. I’ve heard of that. I was thinking of using recharge or Mammoth P out of curiosity. I’ve never done another grow so I wouldn’t have a baseline to compare but it’s hard to resist not to want to push to see if these little plants will bulk up. Overall I’m very glad to have what I have. It is small but I’ve learned a tonne! I’m addicted. I’m planning the next grow and wanting to time it so that I can throw in the next 4 when these are done. :slight_smile: I really love it!

Just an update on my 1st grow. I’m still paranoid when I’m supposed to only water/flush and then harvest. It’s hard getting close up pics on my phone…

Check this out :sunglasses::facepunch: White Widow Autos First Cultivation

Read full article here…:arrow_left:

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