Day 98 white widow auto. Is it time?

First grow and had many mistakes. That being said, this little girl might be ready and I hope to chop in 3-4 days when I have time . Only about 20 inches tall. Not many branches. I am still happy and thinking about chopping on Saturday. Is it too early?


I would say by Saturday you will be ready great job! Beautiful flowers


My WWA went 110+days, I still see lots of white pistils, are those amber trics on the buds or sugar leaves? I would guess another week or so…


Like the amber yes shes about done


I aimed for buds and did my best. I think I did a good job.

I know the white pistols but the trichomes looked ready to me based on the internet. I will take some more pictures in a couple days and decide whether to turn out the lights.


You did an awesome job, I harvested part of my grow early due to bud rot and I could tell a difference a week makes when I harvested other plants 10 days later.


When growing autos the tricombs can change over night I have had my white widow finish in as few as 69 days and as many as 120 days


Took it down today. Stunk up the house. Didn’t do a great trim but I can clean things up later I guess. Thank you for all you help.


Just wanted to check in. Ended up with 28.8 grams after 2 weeks of drying and curing. (5 days dry, 9 days curing). I have had to tap into it before he full 30 days of curing but I notice it getting better and better each time I pull a little.

Not bad for my first grow. Now onto some blueberry auto which I dropped a lamp on at day 10. Sadly knocked it lit of the soil but seems to be bouncing back after 31 days now. Some heat stress so I changed the vent fan today hoping it will help.

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How far away is your light?
Wich light is it?

I am running a viparspectra 300. It is 18-20 inches away I think.