Updated WW auto 9-2-2021 to NOW

Here’s my 9-2-2021 update , I’m unsure as to when to harvest , but it’s been about 3 weeks or so.

I’ll have to get more info about harvesting etc soon



To young yet. Best to get a WiFi microscope from Amazon to inspect tricombs for ripeness

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Looks great nice ww

Looks good needs some time. with that name i am surprised you didn’t grow blue dream!

Great looking lady! Still have plenty of time to gather harvesting information. Looks 5-6 weeks out still.

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OK, great . I have one microscope doodad on the way. I’ll keep watering and giving nutes until I see a change in the tricombs? Thanks for all the advice !

I didn’t know there was a blue dream strain, cool.

Have a great day , I have to work today, 2nd shift. Time and a half. Oh well, four day week coming up then 4 day weekend with New Years!

Flying in a blue dream,


Are you saying your plant is about 106 days old? If so I wonder why she’s so far behind almost all the WWA I’ve grown is ready from day 90 to 105 all brown pistils curled with a little Amber.

I may have stunted the growth rate by not watering enough. I was not soaking the whole bag just enough to keep soil moist. I added nutes that promote larger blooms etc. It’s my first grow btw.

Surfing with the Alien,

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Well, whatever you’re doing is working so keep it up!!

But definitely try to avoid under watering. It can lead to big problems when you want them least, and now’s not that time!
Make sure you get back a good % of what you put in the pot back out of your catch tray.
Dump it on a house plant or the yard - it won’t hurt them! Don’t let her sit in water though.

Good work @SatchBoogie

They suck the water back out the tray. There is no way for many with nets to lift ten gallon pots or to suck all the water out of a tray nor is it necessary. Just an ol wives tale as we been watering pots with trays a few hundred years and until recently nobody ever wasted time dumping out trays. In 10 minutes if done right the plant sucks her tray dry.

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I have the microscope now and will learn how to use it today, and then I can be sure as to when to harvest my 1st grow. It seems like it’s taken forever!
I will be trying purple kush next after this, but just one plant. I did not expect the growth spurt and how much room 2 plants would need. It’s been quite the learning experience so far!

In my Time Machine,

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