First grow 11 weeks with WWA

Hi everybody! I am starting week 11 of my first grow. I’ve been cruising the forum and wanting to join the conversations. I have been able to find most of my answers by just reading previous post.

I am growing White Widow Autoflowers by ilgm in much less than optimal conditions but the grow has went fairly well in spite of the challenges. I did have a fungus gnat invasion recently, I’m sure that we all know what caused that, so I had to dry them up to get rid of the gnats.

I was thinking I would get to begin harvesting on Fourth of July weekend but now I’m not so sure. They keep growing and getting fatter.

I look forward to conversation and interaction with fellow growers


Wasn’t sure how to post the picture but there it is.


Those are looking mighty tasty!

Looking good bud! (Pun intended) That is some good looking purple I see, I’ve noticed that with other WW grows I have been following , maybe I’ll have to give it a try. How do the trichs look? I just got my jeweler loop and check them a few times a day lol

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I still see a lot of white pistals. It’s not ready. You need to wait for pistals to brown, then be looking in at the bud, not sugar leaf, for the color of the trics. Sugar leaves will have the trics mature quicker, and give a false message.
I love my white widow! Just dropped 2 more in dirt along with a Blueberry this morn.

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Thanks for the response. I have just started checking trich’s, they look like they are getting cloudy to me. I have a microscope for pictures but I have trouble holding it still enough to get the pictures clear.

This one has always been the prettiest. I should have gotten pictures earlier, she has always had a light pink hue to her.

and this has always been the strange one. She was slower than the others with twisted leaves but she does have a beautiful color and she is putting on a lot of frosty nugs.


Have to agree , too soon. Get one of these or some that does the same thing to hold your microscope still (I had the same trouble holding still).

I just built the wood frame to support it a desk microphone stand. Works like a dream.


Oh! Just wait for the taste! I do 3 plants at a time, and last was 3 WWA. All 3 had their very own unique different tastes. This grow I didn’t do any ww, but now have 2 in dirt!

@TEGRITY I think that I am more anxious now coming to the end of the grow. I’m starting to think I will get a harvest but they aren’t hanging yet. lol

@Audiofreak I’m glad you joined, I’ve been following your Grove Bag thread and now have grow bags for when they are ready. Thanks for the picture, I will have to try to put something together.

The scope (held still) was a big improvement in knowing when to harvest.there is no guesswork or opportunity for error. With my lack of experience it was a game changer.


Yup, I do like my scope. When I can hold it still enough! Let’s ya get right up in there! And YES, waiting is tough! Just when ya think “it’s ready”, give another week or two.

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Got a real good cure with those grove bags. I’ll continue using them from now on.

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Tomorrow is week 12 and I don’t think they are even ready to start start flushing. Some of them are getting ugly, is this normal? I included one trichome picture, it’s pretty representative, they are getting cloudy but I haven’t seen any amber yet.

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