Seed pod showing up on my goldleaf

So over the last few days I’ve noticed what looks like seed pods developing on my Goldleaf. The first signs showed up over the last few days. Is this considered a hermaphrodite and if so what coarse of action is required. She or he/she has been budding up nicely so I’m a little confused.

I have two other plants in the tent with no signs. My humidity has been low in the low 30’s. It’s been really cold here so pumping the wood heat has dried everything out in the house. Could this be the issue?

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Some plants just stress easily.
Small light leaks, big swings in temperature or humidity can do it. Double check your timer.

A simple pan of water with a fan blowing over it will increase humidity, but humidifiers are pretty inexpensive.


Not sure if that’s an actual seed or nanner. Not all that uncommon for seeds especially feminized to pop a few late in grow.


So, what I hear you saying is ride it out and see what happens. Or am I reading into that. Will a nanner open up into a flower? There is probably five or six starting to show up only on one side of the plant.

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If they’re nanners you can pluck them out. If those are indeed seeds its likely you already had them and they opened.

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Thanks for the replies and guidance. So I will keep a close eye on her and do some research on nanners before making a decision. It would be really nice to get some free seeds!


A lot of people feel that way.


Thanks for the reply. I watch my grow room obsessively so all is in check except for humidity. I’m doing the wet towel trick right now. A humidifier will be in my future for indoor winter grows.

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Could be seed. Doesn’t look like a nanner. I’d ride it out. Like said already, you may a few with fem seeds. I got 2 seeds out of 4lbs last run. You should be good. If they hermed on you…you would see seed sacks all over and nanners as well… correct me if I’m wrong anyone!

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I sacrificed one to dissected. It’s definitely a seed.
I have five more starting to show up.

How much longer you have left??

According to my schedule three weeks give or take. That’s up to the plant really. I learned from my last and first indoor grow to be patient. I harvested way to early. I didn’t have a sizable outdoor harvest to rely on like I do now.:wink:

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My Gold Leaf plant gifted me one single seed. I haven’t tried to grow it yet but if it’s only 1 or 2, I’d consider it a bonus.

So you’re thinking because there’s so many seeds pods it could be problematic? I’m still just trying to wrap my mind around getting seeds in the first place. The only stress that plant endured was underwatering during transition to flower. She didn’t stretch much as a result. She’s budding up nicely though.

Other than underwatering the environment has stayed consistant.
I did bring an outdoor plants inside when one of them got stolen. Could be a possibility I brought in some pollen from outside. I did get a few seeds from that plant. I cleaned my tent but didn’t wipe it down. If that was the case my other plants would be giving seeds as well. That doesn’t appear to be the case.
I’m hoping for the best and the seeds viable.

Sometimes a few pinholes in the tent, or a glowing light strip will stress a plant.
If it’s just couple seed sites I wouldn’t freak out. If you start seeing banana looking growths I’d be concerned.

Keep an eye on things, and if you start to see “nanners” or seeds pop up all over plan a quick harvest.

You’re almost at the finish line.


I just go with the flow. It is what it is. She will still be some fine smoke regardless. I still have a lot to learn but getting better with each grow.

I’ll be looking closely for nanners. Thank you for the pictures.


So, upon further inspection, I found what I think is a nanner on my king tut plant. Only found one. It was located above the affect Goldleaf. I also have two seeds forming on my Purple kush.

@Jbudz @SilentHippie @Drinkslinger @dbrn32
My plan of action is to chop my king tut plant tonight to prevent any further hermie issues. She/he is just about done anyway. I’ll let the other two plants continue until they’re finished. Should I pull the seed pods off seeing they aren’t viable?

This has only happened to me once. I tried to pull off all the "“nanners” but within a few days they were popping up everywhere.

I removed the plant from general population and did my best to keep up with them. Unfortunately it didn’t work. My beer can sized buds went from solid and sticky, to fluffy, dry and seed filled within 10 days. I was probably 3 weeks from harvest and in retrospect I should’ve just chopped her down.

So, imho, if seed pods are popping up on all your plants I’d consider taking them early.

The good news is I ended up with about 100 seeds. I just dropped a few to see if they’re viable after all this time.

After all that, I sat in my tent with the lights out and discovered some tape had pulled off a light strip near the plant. I’m assuming that bright little led stressed out the plant.

Are the seeds likely to be hermie because it came from a hermie flower? New to this so full of questions.
Sucks but harvesting all of them before more seeds and the buds get fluffy.
Worst case scenario is still a good one at this point. I’ll still get some nice buds.
Thank you for letting me know.

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I’m not sure. @garrigan62 . I’d assume they’d be a little more prone to Hermie

My plant was a normal photo (non feminized), so I’m not sure if that would produce both male and female seeds, or just female, or all Hermie