Seed and Soil Questions

Got my seeds yesterday and super excited to get started. Got a couple of questions before I get started. For the seedlings I have autoflower. I have read that it isn’t good to transplant autos. So my question is should I put the seed straight into my 5g pot once the seed pops or should I do the solo cup then transplant?

Next question. I have Happy Frog and Fox Farms soils. Should I add 1/3 of FFOF (bottom) and 2/3 HF (top) or vice versus?


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When I grow autos I go to the solo cup then their forever home. I am not the best at growing autos but have not had any significant problems either. I would put the FFOF on the bottom and the HF on the top. You could even go 50/50.

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I grow photos and i start in solo cups would start with h frog.

My suggestions
75% OF at bottom and 25% HF at top.
Germinate the seed in shot glass of water with 20% hydrogen peroxide for about 12-24 hours putting shot glass on top of your internet router for a little heat. After initial soak place between folded paper towel and use water from shot glass to moisten it. Put the paper towel in a used black food to go box if you have one and turn upside down so black bottom shields seed from light and place back on top of router and check every 8 hours or so. Make sure there is a lid on that to retain moisture you don’t want to let paper towel dry out. Once seed has a tail then
I would direct sow into final home if you have room just be mindful of watering after putting seedling with tap root into final pot. Not too deep…maybe 1/4-1/2” and water lightly. Once she breaks through the soil water lightly in a circle around the seedling lightly and as she grows make the circle bigger and using increasing amounts of water…not too much.
Have a plant saucer underneath pot and after a week flood that tray with some water and it will wick up into the soil and the plants roots will seek down to the moisture

Hope this helps.

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I mix half ocean forest . Half happy frog. Then I put enough perlite in so it’s very noticable. Maybe 5 cups for a 3 gallon pot.With about 2 table spoons dolomite lime and about 2 cups worm casting.check the soil after I water at a ph of 6.2. Let it sit 1 day so it can come to room temp. Then I take germinated seed from towel plant 1 knuckle deep. In its final pot. I do not transplant autos. They go directly into the final pot. When I plant the seed I only spray a little water no more then a shot glass worth and I dont water for atleast 3 days or till it sprouts then it’s just a quick spray with water bottle.i find it’s best to let soils get pretty dry and I dont give nutes for atleast 2 weeks first week after sprout I do give it some cal mag mixed in a gal jug maybe a pint of calmag solution the first week if soil dries out but that’s about it. Then week 2 I start out with half the recommended amount of grow big 3 week I go full strength and add in fertilizer. And about 2 table spoons of molasses. Other then that unfollow nute instructions.

that’s week 3 of flower on my norther lights auto

I forgot use plenty of perlite added to both soils…
I use that shit in everything lol

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With that much soil for an auto you shouldn’t need to feed her anything other than water for 4-6 weeks. There’s plenty of nutrients in the soils to start with.
What nutrients are you planning on using? Synthetic or natural?

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I have FF nutrients. Thanks for all the tips.

I use ff and like I said I start adding at week 2 or 3 1st dose half strength then I really jack it up. I know most wont agree but it’s how I did it and I haven’t had many problems