Secondary stem stages with LST?

Hi, i decided to make a new thread for this question as some fellow first timers might find the answer useful.

Im confused about whats happening with secondary stems as i continue tying them down. I understand the purpose is to give the canopy an even amount of light, but when i try to look pics of the “framework” underneath, my understanding becomes lost in the leaf canopy. And photos from beneath are just a jumble of branches. And any drawings ive seen are a poor excuse for explaining the framework and direction. The most useless drawings done by people who i think just love drawing cannabis leaves. Sorry for the rant!

And while my drawings may look like crap, at least they clearly explain the framework for my question… So if i continue pulling down the secondary stems, *will the secondary stems produce another stem that becomes another cola? (‘Thirdinary’ stem? lol)

Im near flowering with both these example plants and not sure if its worth the time and effort of continuing to tie down the secondaries, if its not going to help provide additional cola sites. Maybe just focus more on keeping the top stem down to match the height of the secondaries.

The examples are 2 different plants. One just had a training session and the other is waiting to hear from you guys!

The red lines represent secondary stems to the main stem. And areas in question for producing new growth are in purple. The orange Xs represent cola sites. I hope all this makes sense. My apologies and thank you.


You really wasted your time. Most don’t use the search function. Thus we get asked the same questions on a daily basis.

Trust me they have been answered many, many, many times.

A simple ‘yes or no’ would have sufficed. Thanks for that. And well, congratulations on knowing the proper wording to find these results, but when i use the question"do secondary stems produce another stem that produces a cola", the results are now MY QUESTION and then others that have nothing to do with what i asked. Top results including “When do i switch lights?”, “Northern lights flower - SCROG”, “ss2442 grow of 9#H”, and last but not least, “Ideal Environment”. And if you think i havent tried searching different variations of the words “SECONDARY STEM” . Again, congrats on being better at search termonolgy. Obviously, i have the time to waste to remind you that you wasted more of your own time with your contempt, than a simply friendly yes or no. Thanks for the love. :wink:

It’s not a yes or no answer from me but, if your goal is to get more tops look up OGeez: symmetrical mainlining on YouTube he does 128+ tops

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Don’t let one bad apple ruin your experience @MrPeat it’s not your fault he can’t observe what’s going on with his secondary branches :joy:

I understand your frustration. My frustration comes from KNOWING its probably a comm9n question and yet search engines font lead me to simplw talk about stems. I can go cross eyed with the details that pages guve on nutrients, soils, strains. But no, please dont let search results lead to simple articles. My frustration isnt with you. Your reply just rubbed me wrong when im frustrated from TRYING to find an answer to what seems like would be a common topic in beginner articles. But again, at leadt not explained in terms that i can get it. I understand your side too.

EXACTLY I CANT observe because the secondary stems are still to small to understand what the foliage underneath will do NEXT. Its not developed enough. So im asking IN ADVANCE so that im better able to enjoy MY GROW

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If you didn’t want to learn or be told anything you joined the wrong place. You ask a question here expect it to be answered. Just because you don’t like the answer don’t mean it’s wrong. You are the one being negative! You asked someone answered you cried about I wanted a yes or no. Simply put it’s not that simple but I’m sure you will find a way to cry about that next?

:joy: let’s see how far you get in this place with that type of attitude :+1:t2: GL

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Hello @TheObserver1 , I am a calm and rational person who thinks your question is completely valid. Give me a few minutes as I have seen a great example that answers in a clear way. I will get good and stoned so I can remember who posted it.


Hopefully, its within an hour. :wink:

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These look a lot like your drawings, no? This is called “mainlining”.
As you can see, they choose the strongest branches to make “Tops” and only allow the ends to grow out. All unnecessary vegetation is removed. It is high stress for sure and can only really be done right with photo period plants.

Credit to @jonrobby2000 as original poster of this picture.


Classic Low Stress Training. That is my method(loosely). I let the plant dictate how she wants to grow within limits.

I understand where this came from since I had sort of a similar experience with one of the other posters in this thread. All the same, we don’t really allow explicit and harsh language here. Please if you still can, edit your posts with the “F” bomb or just delete them. Thanks and ask anything. We aren’t all so easily triggered.

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Hi if you want more tops or colas do fimming on ur plants fimming will give you up to six from one fimming if u fim ur plant all over like i have done to mine your plant will look like this

I hope this helps u may want to look on YouTube about fimming,yes lst will give u more branches but if u want more tops then fim ur plants .this plant im showing you has been lst training alot of lst training and fimming all over the plant and ive done it twice over a few weeks

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I was going to respond but my IQ is in the 99%. So I was thinking how to dumb it down so it was easier to follow and understand. Your response just rubbed me wrong so I walked away to think. I did Biochemistry with English Literature and a minor in creative writing. I also retired at the young age of 32.

Its not as simple as a Yes or no. If I would have said no, you would have asked me to explain why. You know it and so do I. If I would have said yes, there is a still a chance you would have wanted to know why it was yes. Totally normal responses. I am willing to bet you know people that always want to take the short cut aka Path of Least Resistance. Instead of putting the work in. I know you was struggling.

I was already called a liar tonight.

So read my profile. Read my stats. Read my responses. Read my three Grow Journals. I can list a few that will tell you I do know what I am doing. Many are the Mods.

Especially with Fox Farms soils and nutrients. I have 4 years of exclusive use of their products. I can give more insight than most.

Not to derail but this should show case my skills and that soil is over 1.5 years old. Take a look.

You will get a ban more than likely. Foul language and how you went down the rabbit hole is a big No-no.

Just remember when it comes to growing, people are going to want all the information as possible and to take highly technical information to basically a newbie is not always easy.

This is Sweet Amnesia. I have 5 holes in the bottom and it’s cut off from a Lipton 32oz tea jug. And no she has never had nutrients.



Brother good on you. Stumbled on this thread after going through the grow journals I follow. Was going to respond but figured, nah, not worth my stress and not worth getting into a word salad with this guy. I have to give you a large :+1: :+1: :+1: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: with your response. Great show of respect and responding with wisdom. I know that was hard! Kudos brother, grow on! I know this didn’t need said, just felt like you should get an ‘atta boy’ since he was pretty volatile. I have seen some of your grows and your advice and have great respect for what you’re doing. Carry on!


Hola Growmie, late to the party. Tag me and I’ll help you without the arrogance and A hole comments :love_you_gesture:


Now that’s a member @OGIncognito
Let’s help everyone out with crazy plant
No matter how crazy the question is :+1: :facepunch:


Appreciate that Brother :love_you_gesture:

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