First time grower long time toker! (43 years)

Been smok’in for over 4 decades but never tried grow’in the stuff till now. Must be do’in something right cause they’re 5 weeks old yesterday and 11" tall now and bigger round than the buckets!!! They look great! What I wanna know is how long after I pinch the main growth on top will it take to see the 4 new stems? It’s been a week today and it seems like I see something but then again I don’t know what I’m look’in for? Also, u can call me stupid but what is a “COLA” and how did the term come to be???

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No one is here to call you stupid buddy and growth vary for strain to strain, and the colas are the end of every branch where the buds all merge together


I’m really not sure on the time frame for new growth. Here is what I found for cola.

Also known as the terminal bud, cola refers to the plant’s “bud site” where tight female flowers bloom. The main cola (sometimes called the apical bud) forms at the very top of the plant, while smaller colas occur along the budding sites below. The number and size of cannabis colas can be increased through a variety of growing techniques like topping, low stress training (LST), and screen of green (ScrOG). Not sure where cola term came from.


It’s sometimes spelled with a K ( Kola )