Second grow ever, and first with known genetics and auto's

Well I harvested my first grow and finally smoked a small nug from it today while the rest is drying/curing. For being bag seed it got me baked and it smells and tastes nice. My thread was here My first try. I've learned that I have a lot to learn
and my first smoked bud is here. I wish I knew how to tag people from that thread…

I started with 6 plants of bag seed and 3 turned out to be males, and most of the grow I only used a 65w grow light lol. I started adding more lights a bit into flower.

So this one hopefully will go better as far as size of plants and yield. My friend provided me with a Northern Lights Auto, a White Widow Auto, and a Critical feminized photo. They came from a seedbank called Royal Queen?
My gear:
2 Fecida 130 watt led lights
2 Fedica 65 watt led lights.
Plan to add more over the next couple weeks.
iPower 4x4 tent
Vivosun 4" fan and filter
5 gallon Fabric pots
Fox Farm OF Soil 70%ish
Fox Farm Happy Frog Soil 30%ish
Extra perlite

The seedlings at 3 days

White Widow in 5 gal pot

Northern Lights in 5 gal pot

Critical in solo size cup

I watered the soil a long day before planting the sprouts, and pluffed it a bit before planting the seeds. Not planning on watering until they are dry for sure. I overwatered my seedlings last time. Hopefully not this time!


Congrats on your first harvest! Now learn from your mistakes, add some knowledge youve learned and make your second grow yield teice as much from your first


Thanks man! I’m definitely ready to keep learning and this one should be fun with 2 autoflower plants and one photo. I have a smaller tent to put the photo in when its time. Very excited this is addictive lol!


Very. Trust me. Ive been growing a while and this time, im nearly dealing with too much. Thank jeebus im not very far out from harvesting a few. Gotta make room for my fall / winter project.



That is a beautiful sight!! Excellent setup and plants!

I put some Wendy’s cups over the 2 autoflowers yesterday. The critical photo didnt get a dome. It definitely brings in the moisture. I only sprayed thge inside of the cups with a little water. The leaves on the plants are collecting beads and drinking I reckon…

The critical photoperiod spreading her wings…

No water yet, just waiting it out. They seem to be doing fine. So far so good less than a week in.


Northern lights auto at 8 days above soil

White widow auto at 9 days above

Critical photo at 10 days above soil

Uneventful so far. Hoping to make it through the seedling stage without mishap…


The plan is no nutes on the autos before flower, and probably going to try out Advanced Nutrients once the time comes to feed them. Just ph balanced water is all…

Here are the gals at 2 weeks give or take a couple days. They had to get a little water today. So far so good…

White Widow Auto

Northern Light Auto


My cat a few days ago…

A new vintage piece…

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Approaching the 3 week mark over the next few days, went up this afternoon and they were hot and dry!! So I got a vent and fan going and then turned on the humidifier. I decided (perhaps a bit early) to go ahead and do some lst on the auto’s. The critical in the center just got transplanted. I was blown away by how nice the roots were in the cup it was in. They were big, white and covering the bottom of that cup big time.

The gang

WW auto with some lst.

Northern auto lst…

Critical after being transplanted. I wish I has a smaller pot but dont this time.

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Winding down week 3 and the LST has definitely changed the trajectory and it looks like they will end up with multiple tops per plant.

WW and NL Autos

WW got a little beat up with leaf tucking and LST. A cracked a couple leaves but I think she will be ok.

NL. This one seemed to be stretching more than the WW so I adjusted them a bit…


The critical feminized is about to go into its own 30x30 tent and I didnt picture it on here this time. I am about to order some new gear, including a better light for the 4x4 tent so I can grow more than a couple plants. I will use these fecida 130w lights in the small tent and I think I might go with an HLG 600 rspec for the 4x4 tent so I can grow more on the next grow. Still looking though.

Hey man, nice looking plants. I got sucked into that fecida deal too. Dug around for a few more coins and got a little better light. I’m a little behind you, my girls are on their 9th day.

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Thanks! They are nice lights for the price. They seem good for growing on a budget or just testing the waters, but the need for more and better lights is already here for sure. I will check out your grow in the forum for sure. Its an addiction lol.

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I wanted to grow 2 plants and when I unboxed it I knew that wouldn’t work. I may still be a little underpowered but I figure I can add it in to help out if I need to. Yeah man, come on over check it out, i’m just stumbling along. Definitely addicted though!

Beginning of the 4th week and the white hairs are showing and they seem to be wanting to stretch a little the last couple days. The good news, I haven’t destroyed them yet lol.

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Lookin good growmie!

Lol, I feel ya on that. Trying to get mine through the transition from having domes on to feeding themselves without drowning or starving them to death.

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That part is one of the most tedious. You look like you got past it though! It seems like the first 2-3 weeks is the hardest and then it gets slightly easier lol.

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Here they are starting to move a bit. The NL, on the left is much thinner on the stems. The WW on the right has some very stout stems. Very excited

Plants look nice and healthy. Congrats on all you learned from your first grow. Im in my second growing season, and i think i enjoy watching them grow as much as the end product. But both growing and partaking will always be my biggest hobby. :beers:

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