Scrog training explanation

I’m going to do my first scrog soon and I want to make sure I understand the technique. So I’ll install a large hole screen when plant is about 8-10 inches tall. Let t it grow up through the holes and then train to the top of the screen going vertical. When about 2/3 full flip to 12/12 and add second screen(how high from first screen) and train up through second screen to create canopy of colas. If there is something I’m off on please let me know what and the corrections. My first scrog and my first photo grow


Your SCROG will populate better if you can successfully FIM your plant (this will produce 4 tops) which can then be run diagonally out towards the 4 corners of your screen. Also; a rectangular opening makes threading branches through easier (I like 4 X 6"). You can also go underneath the screen and allow the nodes to poke straight up through the screen.

A second screen is not necessary (though not uncommon) but is usually 8 or 10 inches above the lower one.

Depending on the strain you may want to be more like 85 to 90% full on the screen before flipping.

Here’s mine harvested this a.m.:


So attach to underside and let it (not top)grow up through. Fim instead of several early toppings? I’ve not succeeded on a fim and never attempted topping. I’ve only grown autos


Obviously a photoperiod plant is preferable.

I FIM but have variable success, topping works fine but you will have two branches coming from one node down from the top. Still works.

The whole concept of the SCROG is to allow side nodes on branches to become tops. Works a treat when you use it and the other benefit is an even canopy for better penetration and light coverage. Once flipped you can defoliate up under the screen.

You will spend time bending and tucking branches while they are still flexible. Once into flower the plant is gonna harden off and be impossible to bend.


But not weaving correct


Hope you post updates with pics showing how it goes.

Good luck…

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I’m real curious about trying to top for eight sites then spreading like a cut pizza, should fill screen nicely from bottom


This might be of benefit: my old journal that details the SCROG I use. I have 3 of these frames sized for my grow space: one per plant. @merlin44 has a cool one as well and maybe he can tag you in to his journal…

Here’s mine:
My Journal Started As One Thing And Went Off The Rails Continued - #136 by Myfriendis410

Current journal:


@Myfriendis410 That’s simply beautiful!!! I’m gonna get there you watch. :wink::crossed_fingers::v::call_me_hand::sunglasses:


Last night I tagged you to my journal…I was tired and heading for bed.
Here are some photos of my SCROG system. While the frames are working very well, I am not very good a training to the frame just yet.
The stacked frames attach to the bases which have casters for easy mobility

Here the plants are just getting moved in to the flower room

And here they are ready to flip (actually about a week past ready LOL)

The screen part is adjustable in height.

Thanks to @Myfriendis410 @holmes and several others for the instruction and inspiration for this design. Apparently it takes a community to build a SCROG. LOL


Hi @Carol4486 the scrog is what you make it. Different people do different things, all successfully. I USE to let mine grow through the screen appropriately 8", then supercrop and tie down. Let it go to 60% full then flip. Continue tying down through stretch. Didn’t need second screen. Now, my flower room is in a different location, so I can’t let them grow through screen, but it’s got to be pretty much the same. Personally, I don’t weave. I tie everything down on TOP


Hi @Carol4486, is your grow in a tent or in a room? I use the tent posts as my net anchors as opposed to the method of creating separate pvc boxes which would be applied in a more open grow room. I use a 2 net method on a mainlined skeleton with the first net spreading the plant horizontally and the second added after growth has filled in vertically for support and evening the canopy. My plant may spend 12 weeks or more in veg filling in the net and training

. make sure your container is large enough to support the growth taking place in the canopy.


It is inside and I’ll have 4 plants in 7 gallon containers

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Always like to see colas come out of a scrog! How about that @TDubWilly


Yes looks great :+1: and I like seeing the colas come through also!

Here’s where mine is at currently

And this is most of my past grows that I scrogged


Are 7 gallon pots ok. I’m growing 4 plants in 4x8 tent

I personally don’t use anything smaller than 15 gallon. the amount of growth at the canopy needs to be supported by a healthy root structure with plenty of room to expand in the container. the larger container will also make it easier for a watering schedule if you are not using an automated drip. my usual calculation on pot size is about 1.5 gallon per ounce of yield at harvest.

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Damn!!! Impressive! Who’s GSC?

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Girl Scout cookies

Mine just grow flat on top with just 1 FIM

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