SCROG Placement / Stretch and Timing

I’ve got 2 girls that will be 3 weeks into flower tomorrow. One is just a few inches short of reaching the net and the other has 6-7 inches to go. It’s my first SCROG. I am thinking about cutting the PVC to lower the nets a bit today, but before I do, I have a question.

Is the stretch pretty much over at 3 weeks?

After 3 weeks they won’t stretch more. The buds may stack up as they get fatter, but if you haven’t filled the screen yet it’s not going to happen.

When I use a scrog, I’ll fill the screen about 75% then flip to flowering. I continue to bend /fold/tuck for another 7-10 days. Then I just let them do their thing.


Sounds like I missed the boat on some of the real benefits of a scrog. It’s okay. I’ll lower the screen and move things around to maximize light penetration. They can still help support bud development.


The SCROG is as much a spreader as it is a level.

I don’t know if it helps yields but it is fun to run one. I prefer a SCROG.


Done. Yes, it did help me to spread things out a little more. Seems like it will be more useful than some of the training that I’ve done recently. I need to start a couple of weeks before I flip my next grow and use the SCROG to train rather than some of the other things that I’ve done. It will help me be a little smarter about what comes off and what stays too.


Put a trellis net down and remove the scrog. Just a suggestion.

@MidwestGuy and @Myfriendis410 They can stretch after 3 weeks. Well with how I grow. They sill stretch till over 8 weeks of flowering. I guess its because I run a 12/12 start to finish.

This is my only experience as I originally did grow 18/6 but the heat was well past 110 so I changed things.

Thanks. I have a second net above the first. I can adjust it as needed if she keeps going too far. Right now I have them 6" apart, which probably won’t be enough. It’ll be easy to just put in 4 longer PVC sections to extend it.

If I’d Scrog my net would be no more than 1 to 1.5 feet above the top of the grow bucket and or fabric pot.

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It’s about where mine are. I’ve got a pure sativa and a hybrid indica dominant. The sativa is about 1.5 ft. and the indica is a few inches less (dirt to tips.)

I’ve got 2 in veg right now that I’m going to veg for 10 to 12 weeks until I harvest what I’m flowering right now. I expect they will be maybe a foot taller. I’ve topped the sativa among them once already and I’ll top it at least once more. Maybe twice since I’m vegging so long.

The ones you’ve seen here I flipped a little early at 7 weeks since my last grow went bust.

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You know I don’t flip so that is unknown territory for me. One member once said to scrog the plant once it reaches 1 foot tall.

Yeah I didn’t do a very good job on my first go at it, but I’ve learned and will do a whole lot better next time. I spent way too much time training it as it developed and overlooked prepping it for the SCROG. Top this, FIM that, supercrop here and there. I could just let them go without the SCROG, but I’m course correcting now anyway to see what else I can learn. Looking back, I could have skipped the supercropping altogether. All the supercropping really did was give me shorter plants, though it has helped me get light on some of the secondary buds that I’d have otherwise cut off.

The SCROG will certainly help support the buds. I won’t have to worry about that.


I do have a massive pvc tube set up for when they get to big for their britches. I really need to set it up for this plant big time.

Oh I could Scrog with ease but the challenges of growing a massive plant appeals to me. I love challenges. Hell I drank 2 million Scoville Extract on a dare.

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I built mine to be 2x2 foot wide and deep. It seems to be a good size for the 1.5 to 2 foot plants. I did have 2 foot high PVC sections in there (to the 1st net,) but I cut those back several inches today when I actually laid the SCROG down. I think I cut off 5" for the sativa and 7" for the indica.

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This is why i didn’t glue mine together. When I built mine, I set it for 1 foot above the bucket. I have also several options to raise and lower it as needed. Without any cutting needed. I went overboard when I built it. Only piece missing is the netting.

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Exactly. I just tap mine tight with a rubber mallet so I can adjust where necessary or take them apart for easier storage. I have a bunch of 4, 6, and 8" sections that I’ve saved from all of my cutting that I can use to adjust the height of the second net as necessary.

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Smart plan…there wasn’t much extra pieces from mine. I can’t remember the width of mine but I think its 3x3x3. Before being able to adjust it. I made it this big for 1 reason only. I grow monsters so I wanted it big.


I topped those you see once, FIMed them once, and supercropped probably 6 branches. They didn’t reach a SCROG with 2 foot sections to the first net (probably 28 inches total height, floor to net.)

Now that I think about it, I’m not sure how I’m going to swing SCROGing the ones I’ve got in veg if I can’t move them to the flowering tent for another 8 weeks. They are 3 weeks old now. I guess I’ll top the crap out of them and have a monster SCROG when I do flip them. I may have to go to a 3x3 too. It should be fun.

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This girl got 3 or 4 fim’s.


That’s your monster GSC?

I just got out my GSC for a pre-nightcap since work is done. I’ve only got about an 1/8th left. I need to put GSC in my grow queue.

I’ve been meaning to ask you: do you run those lights up near the ceiling for your whole grow? One of the reasons my current girls are so short is because I really put a lot of light on them as they grew. I had a 260 Rspec each of them 24" away for most of veg. I’ve got 2 260XLs above them now. I had them at 24" in latter veg and I moved them to 18" about a week into flower. They’ve gotten a massive amount of light and I believe it is one of the reasons they are so compact.