Scatchy WW journal grow 2

White widow ilgm seeds fox farms soil and nutrients
Germination two seeds 7/14/23 soak hydrogen peroxide and distilled water 4 hours then paper towel box
Planted both seeds 7/16/23 foxfarm mix HF/OF
7/18/23 seeds popped 25% light ts1000

7/29 replanted to five gallon bags early due to gnat issues got rid of old soil new foxfarm happy frog pre treatment with mosquito bits
Temps 73 Humidity 65-70%

8/2/23 Added second light set 50% 20/4

8/6/23. First full run off water with 800 ppm of nuits 6.48 in 6.40 out ppm 1150 /1500 temps 74 humidity 68-73

8/9/23 water in 6.56 out 6.75 ppm 1420 started LST temps 74 humidity 68-72


Nice axe!

Plants look good. Try your best to maintain runoff pH at 6.5. Begin feeding when runoff PPM is ~ 1,000.

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Ya uploaded wrong pic :joy::joy:. Edited. Its one of too many guitars. Byproduct of playing and being a guitar tech.

Will do !!

Week 4 week 2 of veg
Had to do a low PH flush as my PH was high 7.2 odd because I have just been watering last two weeks. Suspect bad ph pen ordered a blue labs should be here today. Stopped flush once i had 6.0 in 6.7 out just incase pen is culprit.
Will check with new blue labs after plants dry out. Temps are 72-75 humidity 65-71

Update had ph lock out on one plant finally corrected after repotting could not get it below 7.2 no mater how I flushed. I believe to many mosquitoe bits was the culprit. Juts set timer for 12/12 today.

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Moved to jacks at flower very happy they are end of 6weeks feeding jacks finish for a week then will just water till done

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