My First Grow, White Widow Auto

Started germinating four White Widow seeds today. Add two seeds to two glasses with water from the filtered refrigerator at 2:00pm, and letting them soak for 24hrs per the ILGM website instructions.


So it begins.

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Grow Update 5/17/2020
Spent the day getting the pots and grow tent ready for when the seeds crack. Even though this is my first grow, I’m doing a little experiment with soils. Since there seems to be a bunch of opinions on which Fox Farm soil is better, I decided to do a couple different configurations.

Each pot is a 5gal Smart Pot. Two have all Fox Farm Ocean Forest and 20% perlite. One has all Fox Farm Happy Frog and 20% perlite. The last one has half Ocean Forest and half Happy Frog with 20% perlite, and was layered with the Ocean Forest at the bottom.

I placed the pots in the grow tent with the lights 24" from the top of the soil. I dimmed the lights until I got a reading of 15k LUX in the center of the pots.

I’m still debating if it’s better to have my exhaust fan in program mode or just on 24/7. Right now using program mode with the following settings until I hear different. Temp High: 86°F, Temp Low: 69°F, Humid High: 71%, Humid Low: 65%. Note the fan kicks on when it meets or exceeds, or goes below these numbers.

My Setup:
Grow Tent: Plant House 4’x4’x73"
Lights: 2x HLG 260W XL QB V2 Rspec LED Kit
Exhaust: AC Infinity Cloudline T6
Containers: 5gal Smart Pots
Medium: 2x Fox Farm Ocean Forest & 20% perlite
1x Fox Farm Happy Frog & 20% perlite
1x half Ocean Forest, half Happy Frog & 20% perlite, layered with Ocean Forest on bottom
Filter: 6" Vivoson
Nutrients: Fox Farm Trio
Other Fans: 2x 8" oscillating Holmes Blizzard


@BeerGeekGamer Is that a 6in ac infinity? I cant find 6in ones anywhere.

Yep, bought it on Amazon on 4/15

There currently unavalible now

Sexy setup for your first grow!! I’ll be watching closely!!


Grow Update 5/18/20
The seeds had soaked a little over 48hrs. Two look like they may have cracked, but I don’t really see a tap root. The other two don’t have any changes to them. Decided to switch them over to the paper towel method at 4:47pm. Will check on them after 24hrs and see if there’s any change.

Grow Update 5/19/20
After switching to the paper towel method, three of the four seeds cracked and I could see tap roots. Total time has been 72hrs. The fourth seed hasn’t cracked and might be a dud, so I started up another seed (at 5:10pm) just in case. This time I’m starting off with the paper towel method.

I planted the three seeds at 5:00pm, a half inch and used a shot glass worth of un-pH water. I sprayed my makeshift humidity domes a couple squirts with the same water to raise the humidity. Two of the seeds are in the pots with Ocean Forest, and the third is in the pot that is half and half Ocean Forest and Happy Frog.

The one circled is the dud. The camera doesn’t show it, but to the naked eye, the seed actually looks clear/light.

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Grow Update 5/21/20
After 48hrs the other seed I started cracked and showed a tap root. I planted it into the pot that only has Happy Frog at 5:00pm. The dud seed is still so far a dud, no change. I replaced the wet towel like I have done for the others, but this time I’m going to leave it on my router, for some heat. I’ll keep it on there indefinitely, to see if anything happens.

Out of the other three pots that have been planted, only one has sprouted, and it’s one of the pots with only Ocean Forest.

Forgot to mention some of my environment settings. I switched my exhaust to run 24/7 with the speed set to 3. When the lights are on I’m staying steady at 70°F, which is at the lowest range I’m shooting for (70°-85°F). I plan on adding a small heater to keep the temps up when the lights are off. Humidity has been an issue, so I added a humidifier to the tent that we had laying around. Now I’m keeping pretty steady at 70% according to the the exhaust fan sensor that I have in one of the pots makeshift humidity domes. I have coming in the mail an Inkbird IHC200 humidity controller, so I can have better control of the humidity during the lights off. When they’re off, humidity skyrockets. Light schedule is 18/6.

Yeah I understand the humidity change issue I fight to keep mine in the 40s thru the day but I wake to 70. So I hear ya the struggle is real

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Grow Update 5/25/20
All four plants have sprouted, with the two in Ocean Forest growing the fastest so far. Surprisingly the plant that is in Happy Frog and was planted two days later than the others, is out growing the one that is in half Ocean Forest, half Happy Frog.

The half and half is the runt so far. I still have the humidity dome on it and been using the un-pH, dechlorinated water. The first set of true leaves haven’t really developed like the others, debating if I should take the humidity dome off it tomorrow.

The other three, I’ve started using dechlorinated water with a pH of 6.57. I’ve just been misting them twice a day. Temperatures have been in the 70-81°F range. Humidity has been really hard to keep up, been mostly in the 40%, but that is with an uncalibrated hydrometer.

Some pictures of how they’re doing, the last picture is the runt, that’s in the half and half.


They’ll soon be monsters. :sunglasses::+1:

Grow Update 6/1/20
It’s been seven days since the plants have sprouted, and three of them seem to be doing great. The one that is in the half and half, seems to be struggling. Not sure what is wrong with it, because I’ve been treating it just like the others. I have changed my watering, which seems to have slightly improved it. I’ve been watering each plant with 100mL of dechlorinated 6.57pH water, every day. Take a look at the pictures and let me know what you think.

I switched out the Holmes Lil’ Blizzard fan that was sitting on the floor, with a Honeywell HY260W QuietSet oscillating tower fan, which seems to be working a lot better.

The environment has been pretty stable. Sitting at 78-79°F with the lights on and 73°F with the lights off. Humidity has varied, from the high thirty percentages, to the high forty percentages.

I meant to increase the lights to 20k LUX, when they formed their first fan leaves, but I forgot, so I’m doing it now. Lights are same distance, just adjusting their output. I read that once the plants hit 14 days, you can consider them in veg, and when that happens I’ll adjust the lights to 25-30k LUX.

The Problem Child

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Too young to stress. Just let those little ladies grow. :sunglasses::v::+1:

You’re gonna grow beautiful bud.

Grow Update 6/6/20
Day 12 after sprout, plants are growing great, and even the runt is doing better. I know this isn’t very scientific, but based off looks alone, the White Widow in the all Happy Frog pot, seems to look like it’s doing the best.

Environment is still staying consistent. I’m very happy I switched to the other humidifier, because it’s an evaporation kind, and now I barley see any mineral buildup on the plants.

Had to create a new batch of dechlorinated pH’d water, got the pH to 6.51. I’ve started increasing the amount of water I give the plants, two days ago. I’m working my way up to 500mL for when they hit veg, and today I gave them 300mL.

Grow Update 6/8/20
Day 14 from sprout, entering veg mode. Gave the plants 400mL of dechlorinated, 6.51pH water. I also turned the light output to 30k LUX.

After doing some reading, I’ve decided to main-line the plants. They’re on their fourth node, but I’m going to wait till the fifth node, before I top them.

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Grow Update 6/12/20
Day 18 from sprout. I topped three of the four plants on 6/10/20, to start main-lining them. I waited till they grew to the fifth node, and topped them at the third. I removed all the growth under the third node expect for two fan leaves, to help it recover. I started tying down the two new mains today. Im taking my inspiration from dubxxl videos. I think the runt won’t be able to main-line because of how small and slow it’s going.

Made another batch of dechlorinated pH water at 6.53pH. I’ve been giving the plants 500mL, but I’m really unsure how much water I should be giving them, and when, and how much to increase. I need to really do some research in this area.

Grow Update 6/14/20
Day 20 from sprout. Well, I made my first big mistake. Noticed one of the mains snapped, and when trying to repair it, it completely came off. I placed it back on with some duct tape, but not really optimistic about it. I topped the runt today, as it was ready, and the other three plants have been topped for a second time.

Still giving the plants 500mL of dechlorinated 6.53pH water. I plan on today to do research about how much water I should be giving them.

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No pain no gain!! They still look really good!!