First EVER Grow. Budget grow under $500

Seeds ordered 10+10 (20) WWA✔️
2’x4’x5’ Tent on the way✔️
Vent/Filter 6” 390 cfm/600watt led grow light✔️
Fox Farm Ocean/Super Soil for Autos :heavy_check_mark:
Mesh Grow Buckets with saucers 3 gal :heavy_check_mark:

First, am I missing anything critical for an auto that’s hopefully not to expensive?

My plan is start with 2 maybe 3 seeds but leaning to 2 to start.

What’s the best way to store extra seeds? I’ve read fridge is best but in what?

I’m not looking to have massive yields…yet. I just want to successfully grow from seed to harvest and have a quality product. I know there’s tons of technical info on how each individual grows and to be honest for a new grower it can be overwhelming but I’m trying to keep what I learn simple till I gain some experience and are able to experiment with different techniques, thus 20 seeds.

I’ll keep this post running and posting weekly updates/pics once I start so if anyone wants to follow along please do, I’ll take all the help I can get. Thanks!!!


Ph and tds testers, ph adjusters, and a fan to circulate air in the tent. I’m sure there will be other stuff too.

I store my seeds in a cigar box that I place in wine cooler.


Yes 2-6” fans I will get this week for circulation. The fox farm soil is at a set ph level good for autos so would I still need a ph level kit? Distilled water?

You can try without, but it wouldn’t be bad to have around.

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Yeah, you need a ph meter and 0h up and down. You’ll have to add nutrients once the soil runs out so you need to adjust ph once you add nutrients to water. 2 plants in that size tent max, maybe 3. What brand light do you have

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The super soil I have is supposed to be targeted nutrients for autos for the life of the grow. 1/3 of the grow bucket mixed with fox farm the other 2/3 just fox farm. Reviews say it’s been working great without having to add anything extra through the grow. Photos look amazing as well.

The light is a:

Phlizon Newest 600W LED Plant Grow Light with Full Spectrum Double Switch Plant Light for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower- 600W(10W LEDs 60Pcs)

Welcome, i’m following

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Super Soil Amendment for Autoflower Plants

Light may be big enough for 1 plant. Get something to make tent just 2x2

My grow and yours are almost identical as far as soil, seed, light. Although I took the Phlizon light out and replaced it with quantum boards. I am using a simple, wallet friendly nutrient line up using General Hydroponics nutrients. My 2 white widow autos are 3 weeks into flower and almost 9 weeks old. You will need nutrients. Good luck bud!! :call_me_hand:

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What is the suggested seed to harvest for those? My first time grow with Ketema Kush autos I’m at 5 weeks no sign of Flower on a 9 - 10 week seed to harvest.

Be careful that’s a hot soil for seedlings

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What is? Which one?

Fox farm ocean floor

Yeah I think I’m going to use a seeding soil or peat pellet till I get a good start then transplant to my fox farm/super soil mix.


Have you considered Happy Frog instead? With Happy Frog you would never have to worry about being too hot for seedlings and you still won’t need to feed for the first 2 to 3 weeks. In fact, you could just germinate and plant directly in the soil–you could even just plant a seed directly in the soil. That is what I did and I had a seedling 4 days later.


I went half and half happy frog and fox farm

Obviously all the info I’m getting is (until now) coming from reviews so I’m vested in what I have purchased trying to keep a budget, I do want to cut the FFO with something that’s not as hot so once the peat is rooted it blends in to the other soil and super soil. Happy Frog does seem like a better option.

Tent showed up today. Hopefully everything will be here this week. Still no email yet on the babies being shipped. Ordered those last Sunday.