New White Widow grow just looking for a little feedback on the looks of the plants

I was hoping to get a little feedback here. These plants were started as a medical grow. They were germinated on 11/15 and these pics were taken on 12/15. I would estimate they are about 4 inches tall. The grow is currently only using Fox Farms Ocean Forest and water. As we are in the veg stage we felt no additional nutrients were necessary. We will start adding nutrients at about the 4 week mark in veg.

Ph is maintained at 6.8-7 and temp of room is between 74-78 with humidity around 51%.

We did have a little issue early on as there were too many cooks in the kitchen with watering and then it went the other way and they dried out while in their initial cups. Additionally they were planted in cups that were too small so they were moved to correct the root issue. All in all I think they look pretty good. Should they be bigger at this point in the grow?

Any feedback or comments are certainly welcome.


They Look Good and healthy.


You’ll have a nice crop come March.

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Ph is a little high. Right now shoot for 6.3 - 6.5


Your plants look really nice. Great work. Maybe they are a little small for their age, but I wouldn’t fret it as once they establish their roots they will take off. @jt123 is right, get your pH down to 6.5. Good call on not adding nutes to ocean forest until several weeks in - I’ve seen folks saying they don’t do anything until flowering.

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they r looking good.!!

like Dad said, they r on track and fixing to take off and grow measurable amounts daily.!

don’t stress pH too much in the FF, 6.2 - 7.0 is great.!
do try to stay consistent thru measuring the fert’s and pH adjusters.!!
u do not want to water today at 6.0 and then 7.0 two or three days later, but 6.3 and 6.7 is fine.!

quick tip, if u r growing medium to large plants for 4 months or more,
add 1 TBS of dolomite lime to the top of the pots every 2 months,
ad it in flower 2 wks into 12/12, even if it is ‘early’ or ‘late’ by a few wks,
this helps tremendously with pH balance in the peat based mixes.!!!

when u move into coco or hydro the pH range becomes way more important,
for now, in FF, don’t sweat it.!

keep up the good work.!!!

Babies look good. Indica dom strains start out a smaller and start off slow. Once they get going, they will not disappoint.

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Thanks for the feedback. Plants are looking good, just went through their topping and everyone responded well so far. Here a few of the ladies out of 35.

Just made it onsite with the grow, don’t live in the same state. Here are a few pics and some concerns that I saw when I was there.

These pics were taken yesterday and while they are bushy they still seem short with thin stems. The plants are ranging from 6-8 inches tall, any ideas.

These were very concerning to me as it seems there is some rot around the stem. I think there was too much watering around the base of the plant and it was staying wet. If I’m not mistaken it is best to water around the pot and not drectly at the base to avoid this very thing. In addition the water was at the base of the plant with not enough overall water. When I dug deep into the soil I could pull it out and while it was damp it would just crumble in my hand so I think there has not been enough water overall, just enough to sustain but not provide for growth.

Using FF Ocean Forest, should I add anything at all in terms of nutrients. I was thinking of adding liquid seaweed and molasses as part of my watering regime.


get a fan on them will help thicken the stem. how old are they? molasses is goo but start once in a week in 4th week. in ff ocean you should be good until flower

They will be six weeks old on Monday

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just water and molasses for now unless you see something happening then we are here for you