SandMan’s First Hydro Grow! SCROG experts needed!

Hey ILGM family!

I am a few weeks away from making the switch to flower, but I want to make sure I have the infrastructure to hold up the buds!

I bought this bungee cord net, but I don’t think it will hold the buds when I get into flower. What do you all suggest? This is my first hydro Grow and welcome to all suggestions and feedback!

I topped the plants twice so far, so any feedback regarding more would also be helpful!’

Thank you ilgm fam!!


@sand_man How many plants are you scrogging ? Bungie net should work if it’s stretched tight enough to start with . More topping would depend on how many plants and the size of the tent . Looks good !

I’ve got 6 plants going right now

White widow
Jack herer (x2)
Power plant (x2)

Maybe that’s my problem, it’s not tight enough. If you have any tips I’d love to hear them. You think the spacing is good tho? Most screens I see have smaller squares.

Thank you for your reply!!

SIX ??? LOL … What size is your grow space ? I use a 2" x 3" metal screen and when they stick up through 3" I push it back down and tuck the into the next opening . My next scrog will be 2 plants in a 2x4 tent .

That looks very similar, if not identical, to the Vivosun scrog net in my 2’ x 4’ tent. The net I bought was actually a 4’ x 4’, so I had to fold it in half. But it works just great. I’m 47 days into flower, and the net has no problem holding up the buds. Of course, the plants are doing some of the work as well. But I think that if you can get that tight enough, you should be fine. I didn’t have any trouble making mine tight. My tent is dark now, so I can’t double check, but I think you can adjust the placement of the corner hooks, if you need to.

Your plants look great. If anything, they are going to be squeezed for space when they stretch as begin to flower. If you can space them out a bit, I’d do that. They will expand pretty significantly in flower, and should create a great screen with that net. Super cropping them would help too, to encourage them to spread out a bit. You should be set for a good yield if things continue as they have. :+1:

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Your plants will be pretty cramped in there.
While that net isn’t optimal for a scrog, it’ll suffice. The space between the net is pretty big so you might have better luck supercropping and fastening to the net vs. tucking. My scrog nets usually have a 2.5"x2.5" spacing.

@sand_man As @WonkaMan has suggested I would space out the pots so they is room for them to grow outward . A big fan will also help with air circulation when they are in flower . Its going to get crowded in there . What size is your tent ?

The tent is 4x4’, I can space the plants as much as I want, it’s just a matter of cutting new tubing and spacing them.

I can also get a bigger tent, as I was planning on doing so anyway. So any tips there would be appreciated!

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Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on this. My space is 4x4’ and I agree, is set to become full of buds if I’m lucky. Any advice is always welcomed

Are you suggesting tying the plants to the screen?

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Yes tuck them under and tie them to the screen. Control were your colas are going to go.

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I run hydro dwc and always scrog.

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I have two 2x4 tents side by side using the same vent system . It works well . I’m thinking about a two plant scrog with a quantum board light in one tent and 3 autos using amazon LED lights in the other tent on my next project . I prefer a metel screen for it being rigid . There are some good videos on scrogging on the web .