My first time scrogg

Hello my fellow growers, this is my first time scrogg my second grow ever. I think it’s going good. Does this look right to anyone. I changed to 12/12 a little over a week ago. Comments appreciated


You may need another the stretch is coming

Looks good to me! Your gonna be crammed for space thats for sure. Im running a PVC SOG setup with 2 rotating units and they are tightly packed as well. Just got to week 5 of flower yesterday


Not to sound like a dummy but, need another what

Awsome, looks great. I’m looking forward to the stretch. I built this tent in my garage it 4x7x10 I have loads of room for the stretch. Thanks for the response.


A second net a little higher up i did my first last year and when the stretch hit i was to low. But im a newbie myself

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Thank you.

Set up looks :+1: more room is always better IMO. I want to go to an 8x8 to fill out a 6x6 and still have walk around room

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What a sight! :heart_eyes:
Lovely plants you have there. You look pretty full. Some selective branch pruning may be in order to evenly space out colas. Another net will definitely be needed for support after week 6ish.
Looks so great in there tho. Nice work!
I use a net myself, but in a much smaller space.
I weave branches on thru veg & flip once she’s almost full (3/4 of the net covered) depending on genetics.

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Looks Great! Thanks for the input

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This is one of two tents. Here’s what in my second tent thank for the feedback


I closed your other two topics on the same thing. Please don’t open multiple threads on the same thing.

Take a look at this beast - one plant 5x5 double net

Sorry new to this. Couldn’t figure out how to add another pic to a topic I already created

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I figured: no biggie. We just like a clean feed for others to see.

That looks awesome!!

Oh yeah: welcome!

Thanks glad I’m here