Sand mixture for growing

Here’s a fun one I have sand sand and more sand I also have vermiculite now sand can work ok in a hydro garden I however want my ladies in pots since they are going to be mothers just curious if anyone has any feed back on sand as medium. I may have to jar loose and get some promix but for 3 ladies was hoping to be able to stretch my mix with sand lol

I bet you do have an abundance of sand with all that excavation you’ve been doing! Lol

I tried using sand about 5yrs ago with poor results. It actually seemed to trap water more than I had anticipated. Of course, I was almost pure sand. I was thinking of root branching when I attempted it. Maybe a courser grain of sand would have been better.

I don’t believe mixing sand in your mix would pose much of a problem even up to a 50% mixture. I would love to see you do a comparison grow to see the results!

Am I remembering correctly that you live in Alaska? Here in Florida, I would try to utilize the sand in an outdoor fish pond and use the water system to feed my girls by plumbing into the recirculating line. That wouldn’t be feasible for up there though.

Being an industrious person, you’ll figure a good use for your excess resources!

I’ll be tracking this thought…

Canada but yes was hoping to use some of the couse sand and vermiculite to stretch my seed starter mix figured 20/20/60

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