Back again with a question

Can anyone give any insight on soil mixture. This go round ive added earthworm casting to the soil, dont know if i should have ,or not. From what i can tell these girls are growing very aggressively. In comparison to my other grows by this time ( 4th week from popping out of dirt. ) they are almost twice the size im use to seeing at this point. Keep in mind i am a novice. I couldn’t even tell you how much i used. I basically mixed up 12 gallons of dirt and a 1lbs bag of casting, with perlite in some jungle growth soil.

Can anyone tell me if i did a good thing or a bad thing. May be to early in my career lol to be trying new things but im looking to at least get a solid plan down pack so all my grows are the same in the future.


They look great keep up whatever your doing :+1:


Plants look great , Throwing in some worm castings is good it has a low NPK value.
I like to scratch in superworm frass 3 or 4 times throughout a grow.
Happy growing :v:


As long as they keep looking that happy keep up good work!


they look nice and healthy so good job! they photos or autos? achieving all the veg growth you can get with an auto before it starts to flower is good deal 4 sure.


They are photos. Thanks


@Bluedream1 ,well now I believe you answered your own question.Your girls look great.
I wouldn’t change s thing.Great job .Keep updating your adventures.


Thank you