Soil mixture ratio?

Hey people!
I am getting ready for my first grow and about to mix soil. One of my friends (who only grows outdoors, I’m growing indoors) said I should do the following ratio:
70% Coco
20% Perlite
10% Vermiculite

What do you guys think? Are those percentages right for indoors?
I’m growing in fabric pots.

Thanks in advance!

Technically this is not soil, but more hydro. Ph with 5.5-5.8. @Myfriendis410 has more experience with coco than I do. He may be able to offer more suggestions.

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OK Covert, thanks so much for tagging someone! Well Im stuck using coco now haha, running low on funds and already purchased all three. Good to know you don’t refer to it as soil though.
Thanks for answering!


Out of curiosity, what soil do you use and what ratios?

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I prefer to use Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil. Nutrient rich no need for nitrogen until 6-8 weeks into veg cycle.
I’m trying to get into hydro, but I haven’t set it all up yet. Have all the parts though. @shungitewhap

Thanks @Covertgrower: @shungitewhap, what you have is a “media” and is technically soil less. You will have to provide all of the nutrient load for the plant as the media has nothing. It is a carrier for liquid and is designed to be airy and light to promote oxygen to the roots. Done right it will out perform soil.

What you will need to be able to grow with this correctly is a decent digital PH meter, a digital TDS meter, PH up and down along with any nutrients you care to use. If money is an issue I would look at a product like Grow More “Sea Grow, Grow” and Grow More “Sea Grow, Flower”. Probably the least expensive nutrient line behind General Hydroponics. I’ve used it and it works well in coco. You will also need Cal Mag as coco retains magnesium over time, denying it to your plants. Ph 5.3 to 5.8 although I’ve found I tend to go high and might even run 6.0 if the plants warrant it.

Your grower friend didn’t do a bad job steering you to coco. It’s a renewable resource too unlike peat; once I’m done with Promix I will be going back to coco. (Next grow is RDWC for me :grinning:)

@Covertgrower knows which side of the plant the roots come out of so you are in good hands haha!


Thanks so much for answering! So you feel good about those ratios? Or percentages rather.
I actually already bought nutes the kind I have are called Sensei Coco Grow by Advanced Nutrients. I am a little scared about how much to give them and when.
I have a PH meter and a TDS and I have tested and calibrated both of them. I don’t have Cal Mag so I will order that. How often do you give them Cal Mag or how do you know when to give it to them?
What is RDWC?

WAit a sec! Just read the back of the bottle. In Part A it says it has 3% CAL and 0.5% MAG, is that enough Calcium and Magnesium that I don’t need to buy Cal Mag?

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Also… It says it is Ph perfect and will keep it within optimal range. I am still going to check ppm and ph, but I just wanted you to know it also says that.

There’s several posts floating around about ph perfect nutrients. They’re anything but perfect. So mix nutrients, and then check PH anyways.
That theoretically is enough cal-mag, but I still recommend purchasing some extra just in case. @shungitewhap
@Myfriendis410 thanks for busting my chops! Lol


Any brands of Cal Mag you recommend or are they all pretty close? I didn’t believe in the ph balance thing, it doesn’t make sense since they can’t guarantee what you are going to add. I will stay faithful to the PH meter.

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@shungitewhap hey mate,coco will be fine,some use straight coco some use 80/20 perlite you get the drill,there are some great grow journals on here to check for info for coco grows,if you have coco medium you will have to add your nutes daily,if you check the manufacturer or email them direct for your nutrient schedule for that brand an making sure you have veg an flower nutrients for both cycles :slight_smile: o an don’t stress,happy growing :slight_smile:

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I love coco. Best of luck on your grow.

@shungitewhap I don’t know what country you’re from, but NPK industries makes an affordable cal-mag that works. All are not the same, some have a higher nitrogen than others. So be aware of that when adding cal-mag to your nutrient solution. No matter what brand you purchase. Add the nitrogen points up.

Thanks mate! I’m a stresser… guess thats why I’m also a stoner. lol.
The nutrients I bought I purchased because they said you could call them whenever and ask them detailed questions about your grow. I’ve been going through some grow journals but still have a lot more to get through. Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

OK and these nitrogen points you are talking about… is that the percentages listed on the back?

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Yes. That is the NPK ratio’s. The first number is nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. If you add a second type nutrient, in addition to a first one, the numbers will add together.
For the sake of simplicity if you add grow that is 5-5-5 and add flower nutrient that is 2-15-15 you will have 7-20-20.
So if calmag has a 5 for nitrogen, just be sure to in take account the 5 for nitrogen
This is true if any nutrient product.

Here’s an example:

idk about adding the vermiculite to the coco, have not ever seen it done,
i think it would be just fine tho, its been in every peat mix i have used,
that being said, i also think… your 70/20/10 ratio looks great.!!
if that is what i had it would be put to use in that ratio.!

i m currently using 70% coco with 30% perlite, works great.!



First i’d like to Welcome you to ILGM " WELCOME"


Begin With Your Base Mix

Combine equal parts compost, organic material, and aeration. How much you begin with
will depend on your needs. Consider that this base will account for approximately 20%
of the total volume of your mix.

One popular formulation of this recipe that works well is:
•1 part compost of your choice
•1 part coco coir and/or peat moss
•1 part perlite

  1. Establish a Fungal Population

A diverse microbiology in your soil will be contingent on many factors,
and establishing food to grow a healthy fungal population is one of the most
important. Fungi love to develop mycorrhizal relationships with root systems
(or rhizosphere), and providing food for them to thrive will help facilitate
these tiny little symbiotic friendships.

The result? Friends always like to bring food to the party. Picture your
cannabis as the partygoers—they like food! Here are some terrific amendments
to build fungal life:
•Kelp meal: 1/4 cup per 5 gallons
•Humic acid: 1/4 cup per 5 gallons
•Mycorrhizal inoculant (endomycorrhizae powder): 1/4- 1/2 tsp per gallon

  1. Establish a Bacterial Population

Just as important as fungi, bacterial populations can help break down complex
sugars and convert them to readily available macro and micronutrients for your
cannabis. They also help to establish and maintain the immune system of your
plants, making them more adept to fight off pests, diseases, and inclement
environmental conditions.

These ingredients help bring the bacteria:
•Vermicompost (worm castings): up to 20% total substrate
•Bat Guano: up to 5% total substrate

  1. Fortify With Micro and Macronutrient Sources

Cannabis, like any other plant, requires a regiment of micro and macronutrients
to thrive. In many case, these nutrients are often provided via plant fertilizers.
However, with organic super soils they’re instead amended into the base mix to be
released and/or broken down into food for your plants over time.

I use soil and i’m an indoor grower. This is just one of my recipes for soil …

First for the seedlings …
The succulent potting soil recipe is:

– 3 parts potting soil
– 2 parts coarse sand
– 1 part perlite.

Veg and Flower

Soil Recipe to be mixed with 1 to 1/1/2 cu ft of base soil

Pro Mix
Mushroom Compost and Black Cow Soil compost

.3125 lb or 5 oz Fishbone Meal 3-16-0

.3125 lb or 5 oz Steamed Bone Meal 2-14-0

.625 lb or 10 oz Bat Guano 0-7-0

.3125 lb or 5 oz Blood Meal 13-0-0

.3125 lb or 5 oz Feather Meal 12-0-0

.375 lb or 6 oz Colloidal Rock Phosphate 0-3-0

1 tbsp Potassium Sulfate 0-0-53 ( Don’t mix this in your veg soil )

1 tbsp Souluble Kelp Powder 0-0-17 ( Don’t mix this with your veg soil )

1 tbsp Mycorrhizal Fungi (300 spores per gram)

3/4 tsp Powdered Humic Acid (90 % pure)

1 1/2 tbsp Epsom Salt

1tbsp Sweet Lime (Dolomite)

1 tbsp Asomite (Trace Elements)

6.25 lbs Worm Castings ( Plants love this stuff and it won’t burn them …Veg & Flower )


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@shungitewhap srry i meant he does coco,had soil on the brain,:slight_smile:

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