Same tent, more plants

Now that she’s empty i took the time and cleaned the tent out nice and dropped some beans in cups. I learned so much last grow, and am eager to do even better. I managed to pull a lb off the last plant so all the equipment is now officially paid in my eyes so I hope to build an irrigation system and a few different things on this grow.

Running same setup

Tent: 4x4
Light: California Lightworks sx500
Plants: 4
Strains: do-si-dos x gelato 33, gorilla zkittlez, mimosa evo, and wedding cake
Exhaust fan :ac infinity
Fan: vivosun 6 oscillating and floor window fan
Pots: solo, fabric 1gl, fabric 5gl, possible 10 gl
Nutrients: GH flora line custom
Dehumidifier and humidifier
Space heaters

Will try and add another 4x4 or 5x5 as soon as funds allow and I can get more electric ran since I’m maxing my circuit with the electric heat

Dropped them in water on Monday morning, had sunk by 6 hours and had them in the coco after 24 hours soaking. Do-si and Mimosa popped out while I was at work, patiently waiting for the others to join.


@abubika345 out of likes already today! Nice start my friend! :v:

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Been a busy few weeks but the girls are coming along. The wedding cake sprouted under the coco and I unfortunately tore a cotyledon trying to uncover her so we popped a mango gelato and a banana purple punch. My humidifier decided to take a crap on me the day I took the bags off the top so I struggled with low RH and poor VPD for the first bit which stunted them a tad but now they are back in the sweet zone. Raising the nutes to full blast today after gradually bringing them up from 1/4 dose.

Im going to try and list all the things I know I didnt do properly under most steps of the way. I should have given them another few days before transplating, while I got 4/5 in there perfect I had the gorilla zkittlez rootball break up a little going in so a tad transplant shocked.

Biggest one in the bunch is the mimosa, then clockwise we have the banana, dosi x gelato, the gorilla zkittlez, and then the mango gelato by herself. This is also my first run on fem seeds so not sure if that has something to do with them starting a little slower or if I just overwatered them as I have a habit of doing.

This run is in 85/15 Coco and perlite and trying that out because funds but looking into living soil for next run. This year has been humbling to say the least, but growing these beautiful plants has kept me quite grounded and i’m excited to keep learning and honing my skills.


Girls looking good!


@abubika345 looking great!! Nice work!! Keep us updated as things progress!! Awesome to see

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Nothing new but some growth. Switched the gelato mango and put the stunted gorilla zkittlez off to the side and that will be going as an Xmas gift for a good friend.

Been pretty busy with work during holidays but here’s a pic from yesterday. Gave the mango gelato away to a friend and the other girls are happy in their 5 gallons. Topped plants day before the transplant and topped the little gorilla zkittlez today

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Went to the store and spent a very productive $100. Built myself a pvx double trellis with the bottom on legs and working on the top to be floating and attach to the tent poles. Found a cheap shallow tray at the feed store to replace the plant saucers.

Took bottom node off all plants as clones so waiting and figuring what I do with them as I transition the bigger girls. Thinking of flipping in the next couple weeks after they start filling the screen.

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2 week update:

Threw a scoop of mycorhozae on the top of all and cleaned the bottom growth up gradually. Ended up switching clone setup over to Rockwool cubes.

Flipped the girls over to flower. Besides a main stem split on the mimosa and the gorilla zkittlez having less lateral branching they are filling everything nicely.

I may be sold on trellising from here out. Lowing humidity down and keeping them happy while I stay patient. There’s a few cuttings of everything but the gorilla going again in the small clone tent. Just limited to my single tent until I can add some circuits.


Slowly but surely filling out. Tomorrow will be a full week from the flip, have them at 12.5/11.5 for the moment.

Holding Temps between 68-74 and humidity right at 55-65 and going to start stepping in down across the next few weeks.

Changed nutrients over to H&G cocos with the full line minus the mag boost, will be adding some calmag+ as a supplement as needed until I run through that.


Still bending and filling the tent. The banana punch and dosi-lato were a good few inches taller so I tucked them under to bring everything even. The gorilla zkittlez still all mains but keeping up and the mimosa is filling out well. Adjusted feedings slightly lower for how the tupur drains but the new growth looks great. Still have some tweaking to do with the h&g nuits but they seem to be liking it


Day 16 of flower and lots of growth. Been spending the last few days dialing in the nutrients and working on canopy control and filling all the gaps before the stretch is over. Been a cold few days so I’ve been a little chilly in the tent but they’re chugging along. I have been lollipopping the lower 1/3rd of the plants a little each day and have 6 days til my 3 week defoilation.

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Day 22 flower. Lots of growth. Back 2 are getting a little stretchy but trying to keep them all in line. Dialed in pretty well on the nuits and the girls are doing well staying with a twice handheld.

Defoilated them on day 21 and lollipopped them nice. Letting them stack up and seeing how it goes.

Have a couple clones that made it (first time with the rockwool and overwatered them rotting off a bunch, live and learn) so one dosi and two mimosa are going in solos and seeing what ill do with them Popping a pack of regs in the next week to get started for next round as well.


This is a nice grow.

I’m switching to a soilless grow. Started in coco, transplanted into Tupur.

I got a slow start but I hope it all works out in the end.

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I havent tried soil yet but I hope you enjoy the tupur. Get ready to feed more than soil unless you’re finishing in big containers, but I kinda enjoy being able to power feed her twice a day

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Hey @abubika345 im tagging along gonna watch. I’m new to the forum and new to indoor growing have grown outdoors. I’m gonna be running a 4x4 tent with 600w king brite and coco medium. I haven’t decided on my nutrient line yet but I have the jacks 321 in mind but nothing concrete yet. Love your set up and the lady’s look beautiful! :heart_eyes:. Will be fun to watch!

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Day 31 Flower

Gorilla is frosting up slightly now. She is now 22" from light as my runt and has a great citrus smell to her

Banana punch is a monster and I’ve had to supercrop a couple branches already. Has a heavy citrus with some creaminess and pine behind it.

Dosi is the frostiest of them so far but am not getting a distinct smell on her yet. Hoping she fills out well.

Mimosa isn’t throwing much smell off yet either but starting to.throw trics. This girl had a stem split on day of flip so she’s doing great given the extra stress during that time.

Pics of plants in order: gg4 x zkittlez, banana og x purple punch, dosi x gelato, mimosa

Clones are doing great and rooting well. I popped a pack of hulamania by terpfiend a few days ago. Had an extra seed so 11 in the water for 24 hrs on heat pad and dropped them all in coco. 2 days later and all but one was sticking up helmet headed, I went and removed all the shells but I knocked one over and can’t find the seed so 9/11 so far

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Glad to have you along. As far as nutrients I know people growing with almost everything at this point. People have great results with Jack’s, I’ve wanted to try a grow with that. A few other friends use floraflex and a couple I know use athena and front row ag and they all grow :fire:. Try different things out and choose what works best for you and suits your budget. And most of all have fun :call_me_hand:

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Definitely man thanks for the advice! What brand of fabric pots you use? If you don’t mind me askin.

These were from my local grow store so ill have to check next time I go. As for the 1 gallons I use vivosuns with the velcro transplanting slit (harder to find but helps a bunch for smoother transition to their final home