The 4 gelato beans (2nd grow)

Just dropped 4 beans today in ph water. Super excited to get started again. Using the same set up as my last grow but with new totes and cleaned out the tent.


Awesome! Congratulations @Happy805 hope this one is better than your last one. We always strive for improvements in every grow.

Yes I have learned quite a bit and have made some small improvements had to also make some adjustments for winter temps. Planning on adding more light for flowering.

This forum has been the best help I could ask and probably the only reason I didn’t kill all of my first run.

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after about 24 hr. In water all 4seeds had started to crack open some more then others. I used the PH water and soaked the rock wool cubes and dropped the seeds space a small amount of water like a half inch or so to keep them moist. Put some plastic wrap over the bowl with a few holes cut in the top and placed it in a hall way closer.

Today I check and all 4 have tails. Off to a pretty good start compared the the first grow. Tonight I’m going to put the girls in the tent.

I did get a Germanting heating pad from Amazon it claims to raise the temp 20 over ambient. Not sure if I should use it or not ?

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Nice job, hey i wouls like to follow the thread.

I use heating pads with my youngsters


@kw_Bat here u go :slight_smile:

Thanks sixpackdad

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Just curious,

What is your ambient tempter run?

did you decide to use the heating pad?

Tents low 70s may dip high 60s at night. With lows at 20 at night next week it’s going down to single digits so I’m going to have to watch close. I have a 4 in duct from my furnace in there now with a damper and a small 4in exhaust fan so when the heat cycles off it still pulls air from the house in to my tent that’s in the attic.

And yeah I’m going use the heat pad at least for the first few nights


I thought about the attic, it is one of my only two options for spaces. I live in the south USA, the attic gets really hot here most of the year.
I do think I might have a 10 week window between Jan and early April that I could get by with ease.
Even then, where I live, it can be 40 one day and 80 the next and 115 the next, "in the attic that is

My Attic is still not out of the question for me, I feel it will be easier to control in the shed which is my second option, as far as the temperature, ease of access, monitoring and so forth.

It will be interesting to watch your journey, Maybe I can learn a thing or two.

Did I read it correctly? I am assuming you have the 4inch duct going up to the attic from down below, or do you have a furnace up top?
Just curious.

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Yeah my furnace is in the attic so I took the flex duct from the laundry room. My first grow was in the summer and controlling the humidity a hard as well. I’m planning on building a small room over my garage with r30 Insulation and that will help a lot. Hopefully I can get that set up before my next run. I’m not a fan of hauling water up those sketchy fold down stairs but I feel that for security it’s my best bet.

Lol I hope I learn a thing or to a well

I been thinking about just cutting in a small return vent in a closet or some thing in the house and using that as a intake into my grow room. With the right size exhaust fan it sould stay close to what ever the house is. The only draw back is the efficiency of my hvac will suffer a little.

If you do go with the small return vent, does all your duct work reside in the attic? That would make it easy!

Humidity is what will be my biggest struggle here. It fluctuates between 48 and 70.

I asked around about “home remedies” to balance it. I know I can get a dehumidifier, but wanted to way my options, maybe there is a cheaper way that works great.

Yes it would be in the attic so pretty simple. I considered a dehumidifier but running a exhaust fan with a charcoal filter I would be removing my dehumidified air and just wasting energy. I have to have the fan and filter to stop the “man” from smelling my hobbies lol

Not any other home remedies for control for the humidity that’s practical from what I’ve found

If I had the budget I’d use a mini split heat pump and not have to worry but that’s about 1000 bucks

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Seedlings day two

Girls are in the tent on the heating pad I have one light fixture on but not pointing directly at them. Dont want to cook um


Day 5 ish

Got the girls set up in the net pots last night and they all seem pretty happy. Got the water pump set up and about 8 gallons of water for now. Ph 5.8 and added 16ml of hydrogaurd.


It’s on now! BAM nice job… Watching…

Day 11 ish
all four are doing great. The the pump back on the timer. Flooding 3 times for 15min. I’ve been watering by hand once or twice daily.

ordered 10 gelato. All 10 popped in 2 days. This is day 12.


Looks nice @Nihle65

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