Grow Journal / Wedding Cake

I had some additional help early on up above early on with some struggles since this was my first time growing in full and the guidance really helped. Much appreciated!

Currently on day 35 for Wedding Cake AutoFem. Mixed a coco, perlite and some worm casting for the fabric pot on a autopot setup. 4x2x6 tent, three oscillating fans, two inlines (one for intake with filter other for outtake), SF2000 light, humidifer, two sensors for humidity/temp (one down low and one up high).

Ive got some supplemental full spectrum lighting waiting to put up just not sure when too.

Also debating on moving some equipment around since ive got my intake going right inside to a filter (maybe move the filter outside direct into the intake then feed into), maybe fix my humidifer tubing so its not prominent inside and the like to free up some space since shes starting to look bushy!

Torn on a few things. One) topping, not sure really how or when or if needed, kinda want to just learn things every new grow and advance my knowledge, two) LST, ive got the bud clips but not sure which ones to put it on or if im passed the time and three) Not sure when i should set up my scrog netting.

All in all, feeling good so far and love the fact that im growing and succeeding so far especially getting into this veg phase.


looking good growmie…


Just added two additional AC Infinity full spectrum light bars to help the ubder canopy.

Ill kick them on next light cycle to run the same time. Just going to add them to the timer outlet come noon time so theyll go on at 6pm.

Cleaned out the autopot since it had some nutrient buildup/runoff from the monkey juice/great white left. Gave her some new fresh water at 6ph.

Definitely can see where all the bud sights are coming.