First time Grow! Wedding Cake Autoflowers. Need all the help I can get

Researched and decided that the budgrower 4x2 led advanced kit would be the best bang for my buck and decided to try wedding cake autoflowers. Also purchased a humidifier and 10 3 gallon grow bags with pot elevators instead of 5 gal bags that came with. So far I have soaked my seeds in water for just a bit Over 24 hours and am about to put them into rooters in germination dome on heat mat inside my wardrobe. So far have been crazy neRvous second guessing every thing I do. Hopefully this will be an ok spot to start germination. Will keep updating as grow continues


Welcome to the neighborhood :grinning:. You can use this as your journal. If you want to tag someone just @Tum . siunds like your off to a good start. what soil, nutes, light and true watts?


Got the seeds in the dome. Hope it’s not to moist. Filled the tray 1/3 full of water. Hope that’s right. Also for nutes I have cali super soil, cali super soil concentrate, and cali super soil growth shot. Also got a jug of cal-mag green and fox farm ocean forest. Is that going to be sufficient or Are there key things in am missing?

Not a big fan of these things. I usually(always)soak the seed till it sinks then place in a folded paper towel, moistened, and place in a ziplock bag. That goes in a dark, warm place until a tail is about 1/4 inch long. From there it is straight into forever home(3 gal fabric pot) pre-moistened soil. A dome(half a 64oz plastic juice bottle)is placed over the planting site and left alone for about 2 weeks.
One with, one without. :arrow_down:


Was trying to find best way and it seems like everyone does a bit diff. My kit came with the rooters abs heat mat so I figured I would give it a try. Soaked the rooters just for a couple seconds cuz they were already a little moist. My plan is to just leave it in my dark wardrobe in the germ dome until they sprout. Hopefully 3 ish days. And then put them under my 2 120 led panels till they fill out the rooter and then go right into my 3 gal pots from there. Is this going to screw anything up?

Thanks for the pic. Think I’m going to do the exact same thing once they sprout

Nothing wrong with doing it the way you are. Just be aware that drowning is a leading cause of death among cannabis sprouts. :sweat_drops: :skull_and_crossbones: :sob:


If your soil is moist to start with, they will go a looong time without needing any water at all. If you do water, only water around the dome. :+1: Make those roots work and get strong. :muscle:

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@HMGRWN are you talking once I transplant into Forever pot or are you talking no water in the germination dome tray?

Can’t comment on the tray since I never used one. My uninformed opinion is to only keep it moist, absolutely no standing water or “wet” appearance. But that’s just me.


Sounds good. Thanks for the help. Also I got the cali super soil kit and I can’t find instructions anywhere or even anywhere online on when your suppose to use the growth shot that comes with it. From what It tells me with super soil you only ever need to water but it says nothing about growth shot that came with

Something else I do not use but doubt claims like that. I looked it up and it seems to me it should be combined and then used in the bottom of a planter with regular soil on top? Makes sense as the microbes would then be working that “hot” soil while the roots develop above before getting into it. That type “living” soil needs to stay moist I think and I use the wet/dry cycle method. Good quality, cannabis friendly potting soil is what I recommend. Lately though I have been making a sort of hybrid living soil and potting soil.

I would use the 5 gallon bags. Remember, bigger the roots bigger the fruits. And you would be watering less often

Thought of using 5 but can’t fit 10 of them in tent

If this is your 1st grow can I suggest running 3 or 4 to get thinks dialed in. 10 is alot to handle for someone starting out. Good luck, and welcome to the community

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Welcome! I looked up the California Super Shot. It’s microbes. Since it’s meant to go with that system, I’d use it - the bottle should have a dilution chart on it.

Microbes are very helpful in a grow. I used both Fish Sh!t and Recharge in my grows.

I grew mostly in 3 gallon pots this time, honestly for autoflowers I think they are fine.

But I second the ten plant thing - that’s a LOT of work, you’d be surprised. My first grow was just one plant, I’m finishing my second which was five plants. Try 3 - 4 first, and scale up once you’ve got your mojo going.

I’ve used a supersoil bottom/coco - perlite mix top on a few of the plants, it works really well. (A Pot for Pot is the system I used.)

Good luck with your grow!

Can’t read the print on the bottle. It’s all smeared. Around when in the grow cycle should you add shot?

I would definitely take the advise and grow less if I hadn’t already started germinating all 10 of my seeds :weary:

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Does the manufacturer have a website? I’d contact them for the information. Typically stuff like that is diluted in the water you give them, typically once a week or so.

I put the Fish Sh!t in the water I used to rehydrate my coco, so it’s something you can add all along once they need water.

I looked around, they do have a support email address - support@thebudgrower-dot-com

Thank you! Much appreciated

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