S t u n t e d? 🤔

Good morning fellow growers,
I Have have a few questions about my lil ones.
First, I have this Barney’s Purple Punch

That has been frozen in time for the past week-ten days. Probably hasn’t grown vertically from about four days before I transplanted all four of my first batch seeds.
My second question is this lovely Barney’s Do Si Dos

Seems to be reaching up like the lights making it uncomfortable. I’m growing two of each the red arrows show the pairs here

All plants are in Coast of Maine Stonington blend after being transplanted & riding out their seedling stage in Coast of Maine seedling mix.
All plants received the same watering attention with 6.5 ph’ed soft well water, same light (obviously), temps 65-75 lights off-on, humidity in the low to mid 40’s, oscillating fan gently wiggling the tops. So no difference in terms of treatment.
A) Is there anything I can do to jump start the possible stunted one?
B) What would cause one to reach & the other to relax?
If nothing else, just showing progress and pics of my babies.
Thanks for the attention :slight_smile:

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The soil

Probably just a little slower on making roots. After it makes roots it’ll catch up.

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