Round 4: The Hits!

Good morning growers!

After taking the summer off it’s an exciting day in the @SilentHippie garden!

Seeds are in distilled water with a couple drops of hydrogen peroxide after a gentle scuff. They are in my propagation tray with a heat mat underneath.

I’ve asked my friends to name their favorite strains over the last 3 grows and here’s what we came up with:

Northern Lights from ILGM (NL)
Gold Leaf from ILGM (GL)
Tutankhamun from Dr. Seeds (TUT)
Gorilla Glue #4 from Dank Seeds (GG) this is a new one for us that we picked up at Detroit Cannabis Cup a few weeks back.
All seeds are photoperiod feminized.

A brief summary of the equipment:

2 in 1 grow tent. 4x4 flower room and 1x4 veg room. Last grow I had issues with the wall that separated the two rooms. My exhaust fan would bow it into the flower room a good 8 to 10 inches and just plain looked bad so I put in a foam board and sealed it around the edges with duct tape and foil HVAC tape. She’s nice and tight now and looks a lot better.

Lighting is two HLG 260xls for the flower room and a couple Chinese 300w blurples for the veg side. These plants will only be in the small room until transplant and I’ll utilize the veg side more when I monster crop them.

The flower room also got a new Honeywell tower fan to move some air. I’ll be adding clip fans as needed but for the life of me I can’t find one that I truly like. I’ve got a couple hurricanes that I’ve had for a while and they are fine. I’m just not sure how long they will last. I also have two Lasco clip fans that move air pretty well but they are heavy and don’t like to stay in the direction you aim them. I experienced some minor bud rot on the last grow due to poor air circulation and lost three pretty nice colas on the monster cropped clones so I definitely need to get the circulation sorted out.

These ladies will be grown in 5 gallon fabric pots with Kind Soil and Promix as a top medium. For those not familiar, Kind soil is a water only super soil that I and a few others here have had really good results with.

I’ll post updates at least once a week and anytime a major event comes up so stay tuned and feel free to follow along! :sunglasses::v:


Hey! Good to see you, stranger! Nice lineup. I did a GG in an auto and although it did well and is in jars for a couple of months I haven’t tried it yet (too many other strains lol). Gold Leaf is such an amazing plant but it might like a bigger pot. Don’t forget the whip and chair for her when you feed her :crazy_face:


Looking forward to seeing Tutankhamun grow. I like the setup.

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Quick update:

All 4 seeds cracked in less than 24 hours so they all went into seedling pots with 1/2 cup of Kind soil in the bottoms, topped off with Promix. In between the layers I sprinkled a little Mycos as well as a little in each hole before planting seeds.


We have babies!

I noticed an issue with my foam board dividing wall. It’s only 3/8" thick and with the lights on in the veg room and the lights off in the flower room, there is a distinct blue glow coming through the wall. Panda film will be here tomorrow. :sunglasses::v:


:+1:nice. and it begins.

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Hello folks. Just a quick update but sorry no pics. 3 of the 4 babies are doing very well and are working on their 5 finger leaves. The Gorilla glue is lagging behind and on her 3 finger leaves. I experienced an issue with her. The plant didn’t want to stand upright and after some investigation I discovered her taproot wasn’t growing downwards but instead growing horizontally just under the surface. I tried to get it buried a little more and I’m not sure if she’ll make it but it’s still green and I’ll stay with it for a little while. If it doesn’t I’m not sure if I’ll drop another one or just run out the other 3. Decisions, decisions. :sunglasses::v:


Hello folks! We’re two weeks in and things are moving right along.

Gold Leaf and Northern Lights (both ILGM) are growing vigorously and outshining the other two right now.

Tutankhamun from Dr. Seeds is catching up quickly.

Gorilla Glue #4 from Dank Seeds has recovered and is finally starting to show signs of new growth. She’s looking to be about a week behind but I’m glad I stuck with it.

They all got watered this morning and I’m anxiously waiting for transplant.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!:sunglasses::v:


I am totally with you on the clip fans @SilentHippie , have not found a decent one yet!
Good luck with the grow :+1:

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Unfortunately no. I did see a YouTube video a while back about a magnetically driven fan at a convention but it was some ridiculous price and I’m not even sure if it made it to market. I have 4 clip ons that should move enough air but I’d like to find a model that will let me get by with 2.



I don’t recall if this was the one I saw but the price is right in line with most of the other fans on the market. I wonder if anyone out there has tried them?

Can’t believe I missed this journal! Definitely :eyes: now. Glad to see you back. I just started back myself from a break. Good luck @SilentHippie :wink:


I’ve spent the summer laying low too. Glad to see you along @Missiles. I’ve been reading, just not posting too much. Got some stuff going on that’s keeping me busy.


Just a quick update. The NL and GL have hit the Kind soil. They seemed to have blown up overnight! Still have a week or two befoe transplant so I hope the other two catch up.


I apologize for neglecting this thread. Looking for a new job, adopted an 8 week old puppy, and working a crazy shift leaves me barely enough time to take care of my plants, let alone post on them. But enough excuses.

Plants are doing great. The Gorilla Glue is still behind the other 3 but doing well also. They are all getting transplanted tomorrow and I’ll post some pics then.

Have a great evening and happy growing! :sunglasses::v:


This little guy is keeping me hopping!


Oh my God how cute! What kind is he?

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He’s a Staffordshire terrier. We rescued him from a shelter last week. Loves to cuddle and loves to play.


Good Monday morning growers! Transplant complete.

Clockwise from top left: Tutankhamun, Gorilla glue, Northern lights, and Gold Leaf. 5 lbs of Kind soil in the bottoms of each 5 gallon fabric pot, topped off with Promix Hp. The girls are in their final homes under 2 HLG 260xl lights, dimmed down to 150w for veg.

I’ll give them a couple days to recover and top the 3 bigger ones. The Gorilla glue has struggled from the beginning and I’ll probably not top her.

Thanks for stopping by and happy growing! :sunglasses::v: