Round 4: The Hits!

Nice clean setup…your plants look great as well. Glad to see you back in the game.

What is your puppy’s name?


His name is Bowie. We lost our Mastiff (Thor) a couple months ago and we just couldn’t stand not having a dog in the house. The more I’m around people, the more I like dogs. :dog2:


I’m with you there!

Hi Bowie :grin:


I have not had a dog since 1995 but I do have a very large black cat named Blackjack. Jack thinks he is a puppy, follows me around, comes, sits and lays on command.

Very strange little dude.


He sounds pretty cool to me for a cat @merlin44 :wink:


Proof that dogs are better than people: Lock your dog and your wife in the trunk. Come back in an hour and see which one is glad to see you! :rofl:


I would rather see my next birthday LOL.


Good morning growers! I hope everyone’s having a great week.

It’s picture day in the garden.

The 3 biggest plants got topped a couple days ago. The GG is still catching up and probably won’t get topped.

The Gorilla Glue#4 is doing well and will be the runt of the group. Every grow I seem to have one due to any number of variables but I’m glad I stayed with her.

The Gold Leaf is experiencing a phosphorus deficiency and I’m working to get that corrected. Overall, she’s growing nicely.

Tutankhamun is doing great.

The Northern Lights is the biggest but also most affected by the Phosphorus deficiency.

This is my first real issue in 3 grows with this Kind Soil. It was bound to happen sooner or later. My remedy is a top dress of Bone Meal for phosphorus and Blood meal for a nitrogen boost. I only used 2 Tablespoons of each on the surface of each even though the directions called for a cup. I’m going to keep an eye on them and see if they grow out of it once the roots get down into the super soil.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day! :sunglasses::v:


Good morning growers! It’s a great day in the @SilentHippie garden. I stopped into my local hydro store and picked up a Roots Organics players pack to run the clones. This was at the suggestion of the great young lady working there. I was telling her that I was dealing with a phosphorus deficiency and was treating it with a top dress. She hooked me up with a sample of Mammoth P and told me to use it with the top dress. I don’t know if it’s the bone meal and blood meal dress or the Mammoth P or both but all 3 plants that were suffering are looking great. The GG4 is a nice dark color and looks amazing. I’ll try to get some pics up in the next couple days. And if anyone has any experience with the Roots Organics, please share.


@merlin44 just bought the roots organic line. Maybe you two can share tips with each other :wink:


That is great, nice to have a partner in this.


Morning @SilentHippie excited to watch, and even more so watching the qb260 XL’s perform. I got mine a week ago, going to open them up and put together today! Been working allot, allot!


Trust me. Best money I’ve spent were on the QBs. I could have saved the cost of one of them if I’d went with them from the start. Get ready to grow weed!


As promised, pictures!

From top left clockwise: Tut, Northern lights, Gorilla Glue #4, and Gold Leaf.

All are getting LST and I still haven’t topped the GG.




Thanks for stopping by!


Looking great …trying to start another kind grow also but just to much going on…lol…

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Ok for anyone that’s still with me on this grow, here’s an update and an apology.

First off, I’m sorry for not being around much. I have a new job and a different schedule and it’s made it a little rough. Actually that’s not a good excuse. I’ve just been lazy.

As far as this grow has gone, it’s not been the best for me. I’ve been fortunate that my previous grows have been pretty much worry free and to be honest, I was thinking this was easy…then it happened.

This batch of Kind soil did not perform like the past which has got me thinking about changing my grow techniques. My Gold Leaf showed phosphorus deficiencies through the entire grow and it never really recovered. None of the 4 strains I grew really produced big buds however I think I still pulled about a pound from the 4.

After monster cropping the mothers, the clones took off. I planted them in Promix Hp and used Roots Organics on them them. That’s when it went off the rails. The Roots Organics would drop the Ph down to 4.3 or so and in order to bring it back up I was Ph upping like crazy and I believe ended up loading the Promix with too much Ph up. After some research I discovered that the Promix runs a little high anyways and I was getting runoff of over 7 which caused severe lockout. Plants started yellowing and looking nearly dead. By the time I figured out what I was doing wrong, I think the damage was done. All 8 clones have significantly smaller yields. I have 4 of them coming down next week and the other 4 should be done the week after but I don’t expect too much from them. I’ve pretty much chalked this grow up to a learning experience and am looking to change my techniques. I know you guys could have straightened me out much sooner but life got in the way.

I’m going to try to be around more and thanks for stopping in. :sunglasses::v:

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That’s a rough lesson to learn, man. Better luck on the next one. I’ll be following

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