Roots Organic Original vs Happy Frog

Hi all. I’ve been growing for a little over a year, and definitely still consider myself a beginner so here goes!

Due to a Fox Farms shortage in my area I bought a few bags of Roots Organic Original. I’m wondering what the Fox Farms equivalent would be. Is it more akin to Happy Frog or Ocean Forest when it comes to how hot it is? I am (knock on wood) 6 for 6 direct sowing into Happy Frog and was loath to buy anything else. With Happy Frog I barely feed autos at all, and my one photo went well when I only fed after flipping them to 12/12. I have always read how hot Ocean Forest is, and never liked the idea of using it since I personally don’t transplant (I just like to reduce the amount of moving parts). I noticed on the Roots Organic bag it does list some sea life (or former sea life I should say) in the form of kelp and fish bone meal whereas Happy Frog does not.

Sorry for the wordy question! So, Roots Organic–more like Happy Frog or Ocean Forest?

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I think it would be closer to fox farms.

I’m at week 6 of veg and still at 1800ppm in roots organics. Don’t see myself feeding until a few weeks in flower. Only adding in mycorrhizae, epsom salt and tribus once a week.

@BobbyDigital Happy New Year!

Was planning my next grow. I have the roots organic original. Do you recommend getting the mycorrhizae and tribus? If so… Can you recommend a brand?

I still have a lot of FF ferts left… Big bloom, grow big, tiger bloom, boomerang, open sesame, beastie bloom, and cha ching. Also have epsom salt, black strap, and calmag.

The mycorrhizae and tribus are pretty amazing stuff. Not nutrients but tribus is rhizobacteria that really helps the plants uptake of nutrients and the mycorrhizae is root growth stimulating fungi. I use great white mycorrhizae and tribus original.

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Thank you! Going to be planting two per tent from now on… I have 1 veg and 1 flower tent. What size of each should get me through a grow of two plants?

I have the 8oz great white and that has lasted years and I’m not even halfway through it (I also run two veg/two flower at a time). The 100ml tribus with make 100 gallons.

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