Switching from FF Trio to Roots Organics

I use FFOF which I augment with 25% perlite and 25% worm castings. I have been using FF Trio with good results but am switching to Roots Organics dry nutrient line.

The plan is to use FF Trio on four plants and Roots Organics dry on two plants. This will be my first learning grow with Roots Organics.

I have checked with Aurora Innovations, they have confirmed that their line is compatible with FFOF soil and their line replaces the FF nutrient line. I have studied the feeding schedule and watched videos to learn more about this.

Does anyone have experience with this nutrient line? Are the published schedules and techniques a reasonable starting point?

What sort of results have you seen? Have you done any comparison grows?
Any other thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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@merlin44 i have used Roots organics dry amendments like guano and seabird droppings and others im sure i used others but not in ffof but hey i have a sneeky feeling your gona kill it :seedling::seedling:


Thanks for the information and for your support @Haildamaged . Roots Organics is made just south of me and I had hoped to be able to purchase direct but no go. So Amazon it is.
They do sell Roots Organics in a local store but it will take $35 worth of fuel to get there and back, Amazon Prime gets me free shipping.

I am planning on using their complete line of dry nutrients.


I have no advice to offer, other than read your plants. Which you know how to do. As with any nutrient line, supplemental support with cal-mag is a necessary addition I think all nutrient lines end up needing. Cannabis seems to be calcium or magnesium hungry no matter which line gets utilized.

This is an area I’ve struggled with, I started out with fox farms, with good results. I attempted other lines with less than satisfactory results. I’m doing well with the Canna nutrient line, the only issue I have is P-K deficiency in late flower. Other than that, great line, just paying a little more for a liquid line instead of a dry line. They offer boosters, but I don’t think what they offer is worth the cost, when I could get fox farms late flower boosters in powder form.

I’m not against organic, but the one thing I’ll mention is that the plant physically doesn’t care if it’s organic nitrogen or synthetically derived nitrogen. As long as it’s there and available. I think this might be the part that people go overboard on.
Happy growing.


Thank you for the great reply.
I agree 100%, going “organic” is not important to me, great results are my goal.


I don’t have any advice either I’ve only used FF for now but I’m very interested in how this goes :wink:


Fraid I’m out too. Using pro mix and g h liquid line up. Be watching tho. :+1::v:


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Thank you for your replies, I will report (as usual) so you will know the outcome.

I pulled the trigger a few minutes ago…a full line of Roots Organics dry nutrient line in on its way.

A whole new way for my screw up my plants LOL. My experiments have been a mixed bag. Have not lost an entire grow but I have sure ruined my yields and “bag appeal” a couple of times.


I’m using there soil and i like it allot. I haven’t added anything else while on veg till like week 6. I stared my seeds in it and didn’t do anything else. From what my research says. It will support your plants all the way threw the cycle. But ButI’m still going to add.lol


Hello friend!!
Before we get into this, tell me about your reasoning behind switching to granular nutrients.


@the2409labs to be honest the price. As you know I’m newbie. So everything is trialand error for me. But from the reading I’ve done. It seemed the best cheapest and easiest.


There are several reasons for considering a switch…

If I am unable to take care of my plants, it will be much easier for Mrs Merlin to do it for me if there is not a lot of mixing and what not (there is pH adjusting either way).
The other big one is just convenience.
I purchase liquid nutrients in 3 gallon jugs and they take a lot of space and shipping them gets spendy as well.

To be clear, I am perfectly happy with the results that I get with FF, just exploring other methods. You might note that I am only giving two plants the new feeding plan so that the whole grow is not at risk in the event that it does not work out for us.


Been thinking about trying Earth Juice’s dry line. Otherwise, I only have experience with liquid organics.

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I hope that it works out OK, it cost me about $160 to get everything. I could have gone smaller for the test but that is not how I roll LOL. I am operating on the assumption that the Roots Organic will be about the same as the FF liquid nutrients so even if I don’t care for it, I can use what I purchase until it is gone.

I did purchase 1 gallon of FF Big Bloom because I ran out and did not want to purchase 3 gallons in case I decide to go with the dry nutes.


Can’t help, but happy to follow along.


Never used any of their products, I have checked them out though and thought it would be a good choice. I am sure that that you will do great with it! Dry line nutes always seemed easier to deal with for me.

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I hear ya @merlin44. No doubt.
My favorite granular is Coast of Maine with worm castings. Grew me some big ol’ fat ladies from that.
I just love my liquids. HOWEVER, I was just given this new shit from a new company to try that promises big yields with a very simple liquid nute program. Once I nail down which strain to try it out on and set up my grow plan I’ll fill you in. Matter of fact, I’ll create a grow journal for it and tag you in!!

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@SilentHippie so you can follow along :wink:


@Missiles, I purchased a 3# starter kit which included everything that I wanted except the grow and bloom terp teas. I purchase the terp teas separately.

Which products are you going to use?

My plan is to use these products exclusively on three plants with the remaining three plants receiving the FF Trio that I have been using. I will apply the Roots Organic products dry as a top dressing according to their schedule. I have two each of three strains and one of each strain will get the new nutrients.

The products will arrive on Tuesday and I will put the first feeding on at that time.

Have you decided on a plan yet?

Edit: The more that I study the Roots Organic material the more eager I get. I am feeling very optimistic regarding this experiment.