Looking for tips for using FFHF and FFOF soil

Hey guys, just a beginner here looking for tips. I dont want to waste my seeds by burning or killing my plants so i did a ton of reasearch and i think i got everything down just a few things i need to get clarfication on. Now i plan to start in jiffy pot and dome till rooted then plant in small pot with FFHF (photo btw) now i know going this route then transplanting to FFOF or some mixture of the two the plant could be good on feedings for up to 6 weeks now this is where i need help what are guys doing in between up to those 6 weeks just water or? And how much and how regular do you feed after through veg until flower? I didn’t really want to use any bottle nutrients I wanted to try to use dry amendments Fox Farm all-purpose fertilizer 6-4-5 and there fruit and flower 4-9-3 anyone use these dry amendments? Any tips/suggestions appreciated thanks!

Yes, just water. OF has plenty of nutes in it to get the plant through the 1st 6 weeks. The best thing to do would be to get a PPM meter, monitor your PPM, and start feeding when PPM dips below 800.

I don’t know anyone who uses FF dry nutes. Most FF users use the FF Trio (Grow Big, Big Bloom, and Tiger Bloom.) These are designed to work together and give your plants both the macronutrients and the micronutrients that your plants need. Jacks 321 is another popular choice. I’m thinking that the FF dry amendments may not be designed for cannabis.


The FF dry amendments are a basic fertilizer, good for random gardening flowers and veggies.
They are not target specific to cannabis. The FF Trio is a cannabis targeted nutrient system.
The trio is very forgiving to the soil biome and gentle on the plant and still packs a vitamin punch
for bud growth.

I’ve never looked seriously at the dry FF fertz because it was too general for my needs.


I would also have some Cal-mag close at hand.


Like @MidwestGuy @TEGRITY said.

Thank you all for your replies! I know most people use the FF trio but ive heard bad things about them and bottled nutrients in general and i wanted to use dry amendments and go simple and organic as i can and without having to measure a bunch of liquids i see alot of people using earth dust or gai green or down to earth 4-4-4 and switch to 2-8-4 for more pk less N for flower so when i saw FF dry all purpose 4-9-3 i thought it might be close enough to those and same but I never see anybody talking about the dry amendments but if @MidwestGuy is saying plants will be good with nutrients for first 6 weeks then I can probably skip the all purpose I switched the flower maybe after 7 weeks or 6 and feed flower nutrients instead what do you guys think? Or should I just go with a different dry Amendment

I would use a proper cannabis product. FF is fine if used at 1/4 to 1/3 strength. I’ve used it successfully for years.

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Hey i have a quick question for ya this is her now i transplanted in a 3 gal pot with coast of maine stonington blend another organic soil like FFOF about 2 1/2 almost 3 weeks ago i watered yesterday with some recharge havent fed anything yet shes on day 2 week 2 veg i tested the runoff and there wasnt much water in thers plus it was hard to get a good reading but it stayed on 2500,3k,4500 for a couple seconds i know that organic soil sometimes has high runoff but is this okay? She seems okay and thriving but almost at week 3 since transplant i water with recharge probably every 8-9 days so far i thought id have to start feeding soon like week 4-5 what are your thoughts thanks!

@I_OGrow27 It’s normal for a new bag of soil to have ppm in the 4000- 5000 range. It’s what feeds your plants for several months and will slowly decrease over time. In 5-6 weeks you can start testing runoff again and if the ppm falls below 1000 it’s time to start feeding them.

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Thanks for the response! Even after 2 1/2 weeks of being in that soil it should still read that high? Also does the recharge count as a feeding? I know it feeds the microbes but like does it raise ppm too?

The way its looking the nutrients in there will probably be the 6 week mark

My first grow tropicanna banana this is them today a day after I did a little tying down

It takes a while for your plants to use up nutrients in the soil, so yes, high ppm would still be normal.

I don’t consider things that feed the soil/roots to be part of my feeding and will add those things throughout the grow.

If the whole soil, not feeding, monitoring and feeding when ppms fall thing is a bit of a drag, then you can always consider doing future grows in coco. No nutrients in coco so they need feeding shortly after emerging from the ground and throughout the grow. More work but more control.


Thanks for your advice! Ill stick with soil i like the organic living soil and the do less approach to it and probably only have to feed twice the whole grow i just want to know and be ready when it is time to feed. Now in your opinion ive topped twice this grow so far and have 8 tops now when would you top again before flower? And would you top them all to get 16 tops starting into flower? @CMichGrower

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What you are doing is looking great, you don’t need my advice.


Hey im about to start week 5 veg tomorrow and i havent fed anything yet just maybe recharge here and there when watering but i noticed a few of my leaves having tiny holes in them shes growing fine still and all the other leaves seem fine what could this be?

@MidwestGuy @PhillyRock

Use it 1/3 strength after week 4