Rooted cutting from aerocloner moved into soil then wilted

Hi friends, I took a cutting a week or two back off a mother plant of my Sweet Island Skunk and it rooted! Yay!

A couple days later it was really developing nice roots, so today I moved it into moist soil

And then it wilted!

I am hopeful it will recover in time.

Was I supposed to dome it or something? Did I not harden it off enough? Should I put a dome on it next time and keep it very moist then slowly start taking it off and on until it’s maybe more acclimated or something?

Thanks for any help!


Dome it, use a 24/0 light schedule, put in neutral medium like coco and when it starts to look hungry give it adult strength feeding.


If you go with coco I would be ready with cal/mag foliar spray just in case. Somtimes it’s helpful somtimes I don’t need it.

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Also if you can spend a few bucks here is a great expandable dome. The adjustable vents really help

EarlyGrow 93774 Domed Propagator, 1 Height Extender, Green

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Thank you kindly for the replies! I didn’t know what to do while I was waiting for replies, so I took a large size ziploc freezer bag, puffed it up and placed it on top of the rim of my container, and sort of pressed the “zipper” together to make a makeshift dome for the plant. I am super thrilled to say my lights just popped on for the day, and she’s looking good! back to standing up, and the leaves are no longer drooped! Hopefully a good sign!

It’s already in Black Swallow Living Soil KIS Mix (supersoil) so no nutes should be needed, and the soil is gentle enough to nourish life from seed as I do it often

Fingers crossed…

Thank you for replying