Started one week ago

One week today since I sowed these.
Wondering if I should have left them in their domes for a cpl more days.
Uncovered them Thursday.
Just bumped the light up a notch this morning.


I use a cut, inverted liter pop bottle and don’t take the dome off until the edges of the leaves start making contact with the sides of the domes.

Suggestion: cannabis roots don’t like light, so I’d get the girls out of those transparent containers before the roots reach the sides of the containers.

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Will do…
Thank you for the reply and the tip.
Think they’ll be ok without the domes now?

I would keep them under a dome as much as you can the 1st couple of weeks. Helps ensure the plant has plenty of moisture while a good root system is established.

Be careful not to overwater. One ml or 2 of water a day is plenty at this point and you will avoid damping off of the plant (root disease.) You can increase water in the soil as the root system develops better.

Ok. Thanks again

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One a plant gets a good set of leaves besides the cotys they really dont need the dome anymore. Just make sure not to fry them with loght. I never stick domes on my plants and have never had a problem .keeping a dome on keeps away some of the direct light. Get it used to the lighting from the start and ull be good. If the light throwing off too much heat ull know by ur hand. Back side of palm if light is warm on that part of hand its too warm for the plant directly. Turn down or raise up depending. Welcome and happy growing

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Roots should be covered now.
Any suggestions on when to give 1st feeding.
They’re in just pro mix now.

Planning on just using 20-20-20 solution to start.

Week 3.
Just switched Wednesday from a T5 4x4 to a HLG 300 Bspec.
Got a bit of stretch. Still playing with the distance.

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Looking good.

Week #4.


Week 5…