Root rot resolving- advice?

Hi there,
I have an Aerogarden Farm hydro system. Tank is 10 liters.
Last week it was very hot and I ended up getting a bad case of root rot. Plants are in 2nd week of flowering stage.
I emptied the tanks, cleaned them with bleach, cut off the dead roots. I refilled them, added nutrients TNC Mycorr and Cannazym. Have been putting two bottles of frozen water to keep water temp down. The foam is gone- the water is transparent. New white roots are coming out nicely and quickly. There is however some sediment on the bottom of the tank which I presume is the Cannazym that broke down all of the dead roots.
Do you recommend flushing again and repeating?

Frequent rez change, use a product like Hydroguard and consider getting a chiller. Never use bleach to disinfect: white vinegar or peroxide is a much better choice as you can not get rid of bleach residue and will burn plants.

yes- when I first removed them I applied a more concentrated version (still diluted) of hydrogen peroxide directly to the roots. I only used bleach to clean the tank.

I guess my question is, should I flush again given that I have a bit of sediment? (clearly the Cannazym did its job of breaking down the rotten roots!)