Root rot in rdwc

I’ve read through the thread and can’t find a difinitive answer. I am running a RDWC, 2 five gallon buckets and a 15 gallon res. I changed my res Sunday and looked at it Monday night and had slime on the roots. I emptied the res and buckets, rinsed the roots, pumped a bleach solution, 4 cups to 2 gallons, through the system for 20 minutes. Washed and rinsed buckets. Refilled with 15 gallons added nutes and hydroguard. Is this enough to kill rot or is there something else that could be done. Problem was not enough oxygen to roots, corrected. Do I need to spray or soak in 3% h2so2, spray roots with anything, etc…thanks.

What’s your water temp?

This is my third grow. The other times I had the stones in the buckets. This time I had one in the res, duh. I also added super thrive to the nutrients, I believe that was the catalyst. The slime is gone just wanted to see if I needed to do anything more to the roots other than rinse them?

You DEFINITELY need to keep your water temperature below 70°f. I keep my veg room at 65° and I have water chillers in my flower room. I dealt with root rot several times before. Water chillers eliminated that problem


Wait - did you say bleach solution!?!:disappointed::roll_eyes: Nevermind just high over here. :wink:

Lol, its funny I never really get an answer to most of my questions. I found something that said dip in hydrogen peroxide all the way to let sit for 2 hours. I let the roots of one sit for 20 mins and dipped one.

So here’s the answer.

Fix oxygen problem

Keep water temp near or below 70f

Use an addative to eat up crap. Would be enzymes or whatever is in it. I use sensizym and it keeps roots clean.

Never bleach system, it kills goodies in water. 1 drop bleach kills the goodies. Never use dish soap it causes a hell of a mess with ph. Simple empty tubs fill with clean water, wipe with towel and then dump and refill. This works perfectly and roots will show improvement within a couple days. If extra super slimy rinse roots off as well with, yep clean water. The enzymes or whatever they r in sensizyme eats the crap off the roots producing better crap lmao. Well that’s all you need to know.

Any other crap people spew is a waste of time. And I’m actually tired of watching people give crap information all over the forums and others agreeing with it because they think said person is the master grower…

Now you can use any other product you want to replace sensizym as long as it is formulated to keep roots clean.

Any other questions just ask. Tag me if needed.

No you dont need to spray roots. A good clean system at proper temp with enzyme critters will fix it and keep em clean and healthy.


Thank you. That answers it.

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So, added air stones to both buckets, added Southern Ag Garden Friendly Fungicide to the reservoir and increased nutes ppm. White roots are starting to grow. Will see what happens after next res change. Thanks everyone.