Caught root rot early, now what?

5x5 Gorilla tent
600w sealed hps light
High powered air pump (outside tent)
Big air stones
Water temp.: 70-72*
Air temp.: 72*
Humidity: 45-47
PH: 6.0-6.1
Dyna Gro nutes
Rapid Start (roots)
R.O. water
DWC system (single 5g buckets)

K, killed a boatload of clones and finally broke through and got 3 growing and now I have early stages of root rot on one of them and it’s about waist high.No damage to the leafs yet but roots are turning brown but not slimy,have been changing/cleaning bucket every 2-3 days to keep it fresh as possible. Don’t want to ditch it, only have three. First time I have gotten this far and it’s killing me, any suggestions and if anyone knows how long it takes to recover (stable) from it. One more question: Easiest way to check PH levels in pots while you have a decent sized plant going? (I lift them every time) :cry:
P.S. Think I got it from aerator knocking roots loose (debris) and causing bacteria, change pots once a week but it’s the only thing I can think of. What’s the easiest way to fish out the debris? (Small fish net?)
Thanks for your time and any suggestions, it really is appreciated!
Did homework before coming here, learned that you have to change the environment and the plant care to prevent it from happening again. Not trying to waste anyone’s time, just value this blogs opinion.
1.Overwatering (Overfilled)
2.Water temp. (70*-72*)
3.Root debris (still whitish)
Gotta be one of these (hopefully just one) lol

Here is a product for “root rot” a Root Cleaner it’s from Central Coast Garden Products. - other than that need to flush plant and clean root’s

I wouldn’t say for sure you have root rot some nutrients can stain roots so they do discolour some over time as your plant gets older and nutrients get stronger. As for checking ph turkey baster if you run H2o2 it will clean some of the dead root matter but expect to do a flush as in run straight ph’d water for 1 day with h2o2 then change res back to nutes.

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as far as pH…is it the same everywhere in the bucket or is it different, as in the root mass, outside the roots, top of bucket, bottom of bucket?
I test in the roots, try for outside of them, I have drained and tested (tubing on bucket drain), I have drained poured it back in to mix and drained to test…are there different “zones” of pH?

lol I have a circ pump I use to drain res low volume but my res is close to 14 gal full and plants are getting too big to lift and swap

ok, my neuroses are showing…my root mass is solid now…hard to find free water, I just push the meter in the mass and read it

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usually what I do too but my ladies need to be pruned again damn things are almost 3’ off the basket need my flower room to speed up just to get them in before they are too tall and with summer coming the temp control will be an added expense

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