Root rot recovery- advice needed

Hi there,
Planted about 1 month ago in Aerogarden Farm. The tank is about 10L (2.5 gallons).
I use Advanced Nutrients Sensi system which is quite good at keeping pH levels in check. I also use Cannazym (converts dead roots into food) and Hydroguard.
BUT… we had some very warm weather here and the tank must have gotten too hot. The leaves on one plant started to droop. Checked it and lo and behold the roots were looking gnarly… Don’t know if this was the right thing to do but I did the following:

  • Completely emptied tank and cleaned it with bleach

  • Trashed the dead one (pic below) with it in my hand

  • Stuck other two infected plant roots into a cup with hydrogen peroxide for 10 minutes. Rinsed w water

  • Cut bottom part of dead roots off… You’ll see the healthy plants and the infected ones (the one with two roots vs the one with the roots and bottle of water next to it)

  • Added TNC’s Mycorr , Cannazym and Hydroguard

The water is now brown due to the Mycorr but no further deterioration appears to be occurring.
Should I cut more off of these other dead roots? Or let them be?
Any other thoughts?

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I would be spraying those roots with hydrogen peroxide too. Because that rot is still in there, it may spread to the healthy one. Your right, can’t have too hot of temps.

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Even after adding all of the tea mixture?
What do you recommend? Taking out and soaking in Hydrogen Peroxide for how long?

Just let them dangle in the air for a bit. Hosing them down. Just don’t want root rot to spread.

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Would you cut the roots more?

Only I’d they smelled, or were showing visible signs of death.

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You need more oxygen !!!

I cant even see bubbles in water.

Oxygen and water temp below 70f if possible. If not use hydroguard.


I’ve never seen bubbles either… I guess I’d have to use an external fish tank pump (I have one but never bothered to connect it).
I already use Hydroguard and keep temps under 70F… I also added Mycorr (good bacteria) and Cannazym…
Is that enough to keep the roots healthy at this point?
Amazing how a few days in the 90s can completely ruin your tank if you aren’t careful!!!

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Everything you used sounds good but it is extremely important to have an air pump with an air stone in tank.

A rolling boil look to the surface is best for air bubbles. Oxygen is also needed in water for the plant to survive a healthy growth cycle.
Low oxygen and hot water temps are perfect conditions for root rot. Always keep an eye on roots. The rot starts as browning but once its slimy you for sure have a problem with the system.

I used to use cannazym but now I use sensizym for the same purpose with better results. Use what you have is fine. I mention that as a future option for you.

I also run a crazy system so it’s a bit different than your aero garden which is primarily made for growing herbs. As you progress in growing I’m sure you will upgrade but everything you have happen that seems so bad is actually the best way to learn and become a pro grower. So keep up the great work and never give up !!

And I leave you with root porn

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Slf- 100 works like hydrogaurd not sure where your from you can’t get hydro guard here. But it can help recover root rot.

And air man you need lots of air I have 2 medium air stones in each 5 gallon bucket so I use a 4 outlet pump for 2 plants as an example. You can’t have to much air.

Thanks man!

Geesh! That fresh bush rivals some of my best bate porn!! lol
please stop!! :smile:hahahaha

All jokes aside I do have an aquarium but have been lazy in hooking it up.

You guys crack me up… so much fun on this forum.