Rh in curing jars

So my buds have been in jars since the 23rd been burping regularly but my rh is still at 70. Is this normal? I have boveda pack in and I’m making sure to move them around in the jar. I even dumped jar out and let air out for a bit but still 80 in closed jar. What should I do next? BTW it smells amazing :wink:

Pull out the Boveda packs.

Take buds out for 10 min. Put back in with no packs and check RH.

It is my understanding that the cure should complete before adding the Boveda packs. After curing the packs are then put in to keep bud from drying out too much.


The packs should not be part of the curing process. Put in if you want after the curing process so buds don’t continue to dry out. Good luck

It can take a while, but the bright side is the longer it takes the better the cure. Getting the RH down too fast will stop the cure and the chlorophyll will not break down and lose the “hay” smell. I intentionally take quite a while to get down to 62% because of this.

As @AAA mentioned, I would take out the Boveda pack. Some folks do use them to regulate and finish the cure, but if they are already saturated they wont help that much.

I don’t put them in until I am already stable at 62% and then I use a food saver to seal the jar with a Boveda and Oxygen remover pack. Don’t even sample the bud until a solid month or two has passed.


@Reticence what is this oxygen remover pack magic you speak of?

Additionally are you using a food saver bag around the jar or have you found lids with air ports on them?

Do tell!!!

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So as long as I keep up the burping and make sure they’re not packed in too tight. Eventually the rh will come down naturally?
Oh and I have sampled and it’s tasty and puts a good buzz on


I would get it closer to 65% before jar and burp. Try in a paper grocery bag for a few hours/a day then try to jar again.

Caveat, I never used an Hygrometer in my earlier grow career, I’m just parroting what I’ve read.

I do use them now


There are attachments for food savers that fit on mason jars and vacuum the lid down. About 10 bucks for one. The oxygen temovers are food grade iron oxide packets which you can get off Amazon. You need to reseal the unused packs as soon as you can to keep them in hood shape.



Yea what he said

I have posted pics of these in the past. I picked up the RH meters on Amazon. Traced the bottom of them on a mason jar lid and cut a hole with a Dremel tool. I pushed in the RH meter and used caulk to seal it up tight as you can see in the picture. Now I always know what the jars are doing. Takes out all the guess work.

Check it out @AAA @Sasquatch


Tricky, I like it. Now if I can figure out how to mount a vacuum valve.

Thanks for sharing.

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I think food saver makes a re useable vacuum sealed container

That’s impressive. But as Sasquatches go, I’m lazy. So I’ll just drop the metter in side the jar.

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These work quite well:


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No problem. You need to own a food sealer. They can be purchased for a reasonable amount.
Then one of these adapters for wide mouth mason jars:

When the cure is done chuck in a Boveda pack and one of these:

Then do this:


Need to fire up the Amazon account.

@TommyBahama do you know if those work with a foodsaver?

I think the ports for the vacuum tube are pretty standard in the food savers. On mine I lock the handle down and press “Canister” and it does it’s thing.
They still sell my machine too

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You wouldn’t even need one. They come with their own hand pump. But - if you already have one, I guess these wouldn’t be of an advantage to you.