Revegging advice

Ive asked my share of noob questions on here, so ill asked some more. Getting very close to harvest on my gdp fem. Planning on reveging her. Other than the obvious… like not cutting the whole plant, what advice can anyone offer. Looking at a fox farm product called boomerang… probably gonna harvest each bud as its ripe. So maybe harvest last a couple weeks? Or is that a bad idea when reveging?

Another noob question… as expected, leaves yellowing as it gets closer… is this a nitrogen deficiency? And if so, is it a function of the plants biology or is it an actual deficiency… and if an actual deficiency, is it a bad thing to give it nitrogen and do a clean rinse through a week or so before harvest?

It’s normal for foliage to change color at the end of a plant’s life since the plant is focused on ripening flower at that stage. Plants need nitrogen throughout flowering. Nitrogen is extremely important during the first few weeks of flwoering when the plant’s growth rate is at its maximum.

Boomerang provides microbes (good bacteria) for your soil and can be used through the grow cycle. The bacteria is helpful because the bacteria eat and digest plant nutrients and poop out a more bioavailable form of the nutrients for the plant.

Sorry, can’t comment on revegging.


@MidwestGuy , so ive been using ff tiger bloom ( 2-8-4). Leaves are just beginning to yellow. So i guess the question should be, is this due to low nitrogen availability, or it will happen regardless of nitrogen availability? And if the latter, should i cut them or leave them for the plant to feast on?
I’m just over a month into flower…fertilize every watering to max recommended lvl. About 4 teaspoons per gallon.

Plant is doing amazing othewise!

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If using Tiger Bloom, you should also be using Grow Big (for nitrogen) and Big Bloom (for micronutrients such as iron, copper, manganese,…)

Improper pH can can cause issues with nutrient availability.

Don’t forget that a cal/mag product is necessary when using FF products.

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Guess i misunderstood the point of the products. Thought they were designed for the different stages of life. So should I alternate or mix them together?

All three are necessary throughout the grow cycle. Follow the recommended amounts and adjust as necessary to ensure runoff PPM is maintained near 1,000.

To reveg when youre done with thw plant either take cuttings that have buds on the end and toss them in a cloner with nothing but rooting gel and water. It will take quite awhile for roots to pop. Then once you have roots start feeding a mild veg nutrition formula. Lights on 18/6 to 24/7 for months before you see actual reveg.

I have revegges right now from my last grow that were taken in very late flower. They took nearly 3 months to be ready to plant

On revegging: I would start anew with seed rather than revegging a plant that has not been fed properly. You want a strong, healthy plant to reveg if you are going to do that.


Improperly fed might be a little stretch… the plant seems very healthy and strong. In fact im not concerned for anything right now. Just trying to expand my knowledge and plan my next steps at the same time.
Please forgive my density. But your saying i should mix the nutes in the same water? Or should i use different nutes on different days?

Feed as per the schedule and maintain a target runoff PPM of ~1,000. Some growers pay attention to mixing order. I never have and don’t think it matters.

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Forum thread inspired from similar discussions.
Forum search “RE-VEGING FOR”
RE-Veging a continous grow garden - Grow Cycle / Flowering - I Love Growing Marijuana Forum
Full disclosure, I started the thread 12/22 and others contribute. Never before re-veged.
@noddykitty1 was correct, I should have trimmed back more, originally, as he suggested.
Reason being, the clump of flowers allowed to remain, either matured and died or matured really brown.
Lost a month of grow as they recovered.
Full disclosure, thriving mature plants utilized for experiment, harvested top halves, moved from outdoors to indoors (PNW rain season). Should have done differently, but learning is most valuable, currently. Awesome setup for winter indoor growing.

Any pics of this plant?


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I think the thing that saved me is i am/was feeding every watering. So if i feed twice a week with everything, then flush every three weeks by there directions?
Been flushing once a week to remove waste salts. Thing has been taking about 1.5 gallons every 2 days, more or less.

These are Skunk Hero Rbx and End Game Rbx that have been super cropped around the 8 week mark of flower. This was a first attempt at it and a last attempt. I had roughly an 60% success rate of finished fully revegged plants. A 100% success on rooting. It took 2+ weeks for roots to pop using a aerocloner i made and CloneX rooting gel with just water. It took another 2 to 3 months to start seeing reveg action. Some of which didnt make it that far and died off. Mostly due to darwinism or in other words, neglect and laziness with the cloner. I have 3 left after all that work ready to go in the ground this spring im working to veg out now. Moral of the story, do it, see if you like the work to reward ratio. In this case im leaning towards the main stream consensus of its not worth the added everything in order to clone a plant this late in the game. Im still in the middle of my experiment so ill check back this fall when its time to review.

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I started the “RE-Veging a continuous grow”
thread for re-veg sharing.
RE-Veging a continous grow garden - Grow Cycle / Flowering - I Love Growing Marijuana Forum
I would agree with the premise, the juice is not worth the squeeze. UNLESS you have extra space available and devote little time. Devoting prime garden space for two months is frustrating, for sure.