Reveg after harvest

hi guys,just another newbie comment on whether its possible to re-veg your plant after taking multiple colas or buds and is there a better way of harvesting to make this possible. or maybe newbie pipedream

You can do it, I have. Leave some bottom branches and as many leaves as possible. Take everything from the top. Make sure you leave a few rows of stems. After you cut them, put them under 20 hours of light.


appreciate imput,but forgot to mention total outdoor grow.Plants have foxtails even though shorter mths have only just begun.Pistils are 75% brown,buds are loose and airy.Dont know the strain as they were random seeds. Its as if they are trying to reveg on their own. PH has allways been between 6 and 6.5. Even though new growth in buds,lots of fan leaves are browning and dying. Any ideas.?

You won’t be able to reveg unless you can bring it in and control the light. As for the leaves yellowing, can you take a picture and provide support ticket info? (strain, time in ground etc.)