Removing chloramines

Has anyone had any luck with products that remove chlorine and chloramine short of installing a RO system?

I used some water conditioner that removed all that but it caused some pretty severe iron deficiencies

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I was just going to bubble it but from what I have read chloramine is too stable to just aerate it away

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@raustin I remember back when I first joined you grew your pineapple using a Water treatment meant for aquariums . Do you think it was effective?

This is what I received from our water dept.


I use this one. I have a chlorine test kit and it shows no chlorine, so I’m assuming it’s doing it’s job on chloramine.


I was looking at those wondering if they actually worked. Thanks for the tip👍

There are countertop RO filters for less than $200. They become cheaper if you can do a little plumbing work.

Edit: I know you’re asking about RO alternatives, but they can be affordable and are worth looking at.

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How many gallons a day for 2 hundie?

If you have chloramine the standard RO buddy won’t remove it.

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Water conditioner for a fresh water aquarium is all you need to remove chloramine and chlorine. Keep it simple


That’s good to know I have a crap ton of water conditioner I have a fish tank and use quite often. Thanks for that insightful tip my man.

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Thanks for all the input . I did a search of the surrounding towns near me. Turns out the town I work in only uses chlorine gas, no ammonia so no chloramine. I’m going to fill up my jugs there and just bubble them for a few days to off gas the chlorine.


Aqueon Aquarium Tap Water Conditioner, 1-Gallon

This is what I use. Been on the same gallon for nearly 2 years. Works great

It’s what @raustin told me about
It works IMMEDIATELY. Only 2.5ml per 5gal of water


Does anybody know the active ingredient and how it works?

That sure does sound easy, almost too easy. I’m wondering if it might be imparting other harmful chemicals while getting rid of chlorine/chloramine?

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The issue I had using water conditioner was it leaching the iron from the plant. Would get a nice iron deficiency right after watering. Had to discontinue using it. This is what it would look like less than a day after watering


I’m in hydro and have been using it for a couple of years with no issues. I don’t do foliar spray

They use chloramine now because chlorine evaporates off and has to constantly be added to. I read citric or humic acid neutralise it. I bought organic liquid humic but never tried it. Not sure how we could test to see if it works.

I don’t foliar spray unless there’s an issue that needs immediate attention. I used the calmag because of its chelated iron. It remedied the issue quite quickly but it would return immediately after watering again. It may have been the brand of water conditioner or something but the plant didn’t like it.


That’s interesting . It does say it neutralizes heavy metals . I guess the question is when does it stop neutralizing it? Makes sense it would eliminate it from the nutes that are added to the water also. :face_with_monocle: