Removing All Fan Leaves & Sugar Leaves Before Harvest

Is it wise to remove all my fan leaves and shape up my sugar leaves before i cut down my plants?

I do, or at least try to, remove as many fan leaves as possible just before harvest. They have fulfilled their purpose, and are easier to remove while they are still reasonably ‘upright’.

You will get varying opinions on this question.
I typically leave all of my fan leafs until they start to yellow. I trim lower leafs that don’t receive any light but for the most part I let them be.

Leafs are like solar panels for your plant and are used to convert carbs into sugar. (If I remember correctly)

Some people trim them off others leave them be. I’m sure some more experienced growers can give you better insight to your question.

I’m still a beginner compared to most of the members on here and don’t want to stear you in the wrong direction.



you are correct and i see you got this


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I think clarification as to how long of a time frame are you talking about?

If literally right before harvest it probably doesn’t matter. If days/weeks, I just took yellow leaves for the most part like others have said.

I leave all fan leaves on unless they’re yellow and fall off to the touch. Chop. Hang. Trim after they are crunchy. Then hang until buds are crunchy. Trim. Then jars. Burp.