Fan leaves during flower

I google about removing or not to remove the fan leaves and was so confused. Some will suggest to remove and some goes against the idea of removing them. What do you think?

I’m not the expert, so wait till one of the real growers gives you a definitive answer. I’m assuming you’re talking about during veg grow, if you’re talking about harvesting it’s simple trim all the leaf stuff away before hanging. I have grown outside with minimal effort and the plants have taken care of themselves for weeks at a time. I have however always trimmed the bottom 3 sets of branches and took the very top off. (I’ve been told removing the bottom branches allows the plant to put more effort in the tops. Taking the top off has more often than not provided me with either 2 colas or one huge fat thing during flower.)

These guys know more about growing than I do, so I’d wait till I heard from them before I’d cut anything. Good luck…

you almost never want to be cutting off the large fan leaves, they are like the solar power panels of your plants: How to Prune Marijuana Plants & Maximize Your Yields by 25%

Wow. Thank you both.