Remixing flora nuts n calmag

Ok, first timer here, can I mix all the flora nutrients together with Calmag in a one gallon container, or do I have to mix each one separately? I am using the CocoCoir n perlite mix.
Advice very needed. Thanks

Like he said always wait 20 to 30 min after mixing PH UP or PH DOWN. That way you get a better reading.


Thanks, I think I was reading everything wrong. BTW what’s EC/TDS stand for.
Also I am growing in a closet and I have to keep the closet door and the room door open due to the heat. I’m using a 600w MH lamp. The closet is 6ft x 2ft x 7.5ft. I have a 24" box fan blowing on them and even with the closet door open (bedroom door closed) the room was nearly 90 this am. With the all doors open I was able to get the temps down to 78/80. I only have 2 plants barely a week old. Is this ok, if not what should I do.
Thank you for your advice regarding the nutrients, I was putting each one in a different gallon of water then watering my plants just a tiny bit of each. I knew this wasn’t right, I am using distilled water.

I also live down south so it’s 75 degrees this time of year.

Also you should add the Micro as the first additive after the cal-mag so
its add cal-mag, add Micro, add Gro, add Bloom IN THAT ORDER

Thank you, as I newbie I feel totally lost. Appreciate all the info.


Very well said and explained!

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Thank you to everyone, especially for having so much patience with me. I definitely think I will join the program Bob is offering next week. This week I’m buying oscillating fans to hang on the wall, an air conditioner for the room to aide in reducing the temps in the room and (now don’t laugh) I need to buy a new reflective cover that goes over my grow light. One guess as to what I forgot to remove before plugging it in.
Actually, it’s ok to laugh, I’m kinda smiling over my stupidity myself.

I did buy my seeds from ILGM, the auto flower AK-47, they are 5 days old today. I only germinated 2 seeds, saving a few for AAOH, OH SHIT and NO WAY DID I DO THAT with my first 2.

So far they kinda look OK, a little thin n tall maybe (2") but I’m sure it’s from the temps and the light not being close enough. I am reading all I can, buts it’s hard with my traumatic brain injury to retain things I read. I’m not giving up, I just read things over 4/5 times n write it down.

Again THANK YOU TO EVERYONE for all the support n help.

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Your the best pigSquishy, I’m definitely looking forward to reading them. I haveI literally been spending 3/4 hrs a day lately reading anything I can to help. I have also been watching some grow videos on utube and started my own grow journal.

Question: I have the auto flower AK47, from what I have read when I see white pistils starting to come out I switch to the flowering phase. Is this correct? Or do I just change the light times over to 12/12 after 5 weeks in vegitative

Thanks much.

It’s less then 12" tall. You can grow and flower how ever you want if you do it right. :grinning:

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Auto-flowering plants are called auto for a reason. You don’t have to change lights to make it flower. A lot keep their lights on a 20-4 sch.
Don’t trim the plant, you don’t want to stress it. It will do everything it needs to do on its own. :sunglasses: