Need Help. First time grow IL

Hello, this is my first time growing. Im growing indoors in a AgroMax tent 40X40X78.

Super Skunk & Strawberry Kush… 3 F seeds of each bought from ILGM

Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco?
After germinating in room temp water for 24 hrs, i placed them into organic bio degradable small pots (thought it would be easier to transplant later on, because you can just put the pot into new soil and it will degrade into the soil), with Organic miracle grow seed starter soil. eventually i will move into pots with the soil i got from the kit. its called Roots organic potting soil.

System type?
AgroMax Tent

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? Tap water, PH is 7.3

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS
Im not sure what this means, but i have not added any nutrients into my water yet, i figured i would wait until my plants sprouted… They sent me Roots organic Buddha Grow & Buddha Bloom, i hope these are okay

Indoor or Outdoor

Light system, size?
started with the lighting system it came with, but got way too hot in there (400 W ArgoMax MH)…
I bought another lighting kit online it was a Sun System 150W, but that is also getting too hot.

Right now for the time being i have 2 18" Fluorescent bulbs hanging about a foot over the plants, it stays about 73 Deg, but i know once they sprout they will need more light then what i currently have.

Temps; Day, Night not sure, because i stopped it once it went over 80deg.
Humidity; Day, Night I just bought a humidifier, because it was staying at about 25%, with this it stays about 53%

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size
yes, i have a 6" intake fan to get fresh air into the tent.
Also, a 4"yes com 176CFM inline fan W/ Carbon filter

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,
im currently using a humidifier because it was low (25%) now its staying at about 50%

Co2; Yes, N
no, using fresh air

If anyone could help me fix this lighting issue/give me any other tips or advice please help. I will also post some pictures of my set-up/ stuff i bought. Money isn’t too much of an issue, after buying two different lighting systems that don’t work, i just want to get everything right. if i need to buy anything extra, or a different lighting system, I’m okay with it as long as its my last! =]
Thanks so much everyone!


Hi and Welcome!

First thing I might suggest is getting your PH down. It should be 6.5-6.6.

Have you looked into LED’s?


Ok, I can do that. Any specific brands I should get? No, I have not looked into LEDs; would that be a better option for me? If so, what wattage/size?

Yes you need you PH down and if you going to use HID lights you going to need a vented Hood & fan setup or maybe you can buy LEDs but you def need more light


You want 25 - 50 true watts (actual power draw) per sq foot. I think 400 true watts would be okay. Probably a 900w LED. Or 2 450’s. Actual draw is normally about 1/2 of advertised wattage equivalent.
I have about 40w sq ft.

What size/wattage would you suggest for my size room if I were to get leds?

I don’t use them, but Matthew does

Okay gotcha… would something like these guys be okay?

I’ll grab two of whatever and have them next day, so my plants don’t get hit with too much change

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2 of the first one would be better


Follow the manual and start them high. The first one is 195w and the second is only 145w, so the first, and of course more expensive one would be better.


Good point Matt but he has everything he needs, but not in order



Sounds good man. I’ll get those and have them shipped asap. Thanks for everything! Anything else I have to tweak, or other stuff looking okay?

Maybe talk to @garrigan62

I think he believes you have what you need.

Matt you were reading my mind must be from that joint we just smoked, lol cause i was just looking for this very post and could not find it. thanks



haha, a cannabis mind connection.


no dought Matt lmao


I’m sorry

Tony i got side tracked with the boys. Footbaall game.
But any way you got what you need you just got to apply it correctly.
your cfl’s are great for seedlings and keep your light about 6 inches from your plants ok



What about the heat issue when he goes to his current lighting? That’s why I suggested LED, plus it sounded like money wasn’t much of an issue :slight_smile: I love spending other people’s money.

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Well Matt that’s true, the HM 400 watt will be perfect for vegg and he has a 6" intake fan for air all he needs now is a fan to suck heat out. I see that the hood isn’t vented so maybe two fans to suck the heat eighter way the 400 watt isn’t really that bad as putting out heat like the

Will 600 or 800 and 1000 watt bulbs