Flowering Problems?

My WW and AK are doing pretty good and are in week two of flowering. I changed the lighting and put it on 12/12 with absolute light management (totally dark Grow room for sleeping) but the buds are not there except for several very small places that I am not sure are flowers. I changed my nutes to flowering and no chance. I am growing with organic soil that has been doing well. Had to change out soil on one plant even though it was big due to no growth (I started on another soil that will NOT be used again.

What else do I need to do or am I just being impatient? Thanks for your continuing assistance. This is only my second grow and it is a little different than last time.

It does seem maybe you might be being a little impatient, any time growth is significantly slowed, there is likely some damage that was caused, maybe to the roots, the vascular system, and/or the leaves. Even after you have fixed the problems, it will take time for the plant to fully recover and return to vibrant aggressive growth.

Thanks Mac. Two days later, have flowers everywhere and all is looking great. Guess I am trying to rush it as these plants look WAY better than last grow. Have to let them do what they do best, grow ! Am really blown away when I look back at my log and see how much I have learned in growing management, but have a LONG way to go. Will try to publish a few pics of my ladies soon!


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A 4X2X5 tent doesn’t give much room for pictures but here are a couple taken a few days ago. Are starting to come around fine. Flowering day 18.

The top picture is of the ladies just waking up in the AM. The one in the middle has been my problem child most of the grow but is now doing good. Her “problems” were the result of my ignorance of what the leaves were telling me!

The bottom picture is one of her main shoots that is growing fine!

Thanks to MacGyverStoner and Latewood for all your advice as well as Old Goat and several others that I talked to in person. Without these people, the support site and Robert’s excellent seeds, this would be a much bleaker picture ! ILGM ROCKS ! !


Flowering Proceeding very well. I have one question, I am running out of room in my grow room. The flowers are now at 8 inches from the light and the light is at the ceiling. Should I harvest the bigger ones and let the smaller ones grow? They are not as big as I would like them yet. I was considering bending over one and trying that. I am in new territory now. I have never had an indoor grow get this big. The Nugs are starting to develop all the way down the stems. Looks like I need to get a taller grow room ! !

Ya just very gently bend it and tie it down and you’ll be fine
I think it would be a waste of good bud to take it now you won’t benefit @ all
Other wise sounds like you got it down and your need a bigger grow tent next time around…lol


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Well I got through the growing crisis. They just stopped getting bigger. I now have the top leaves only turning yellow and wilting. as you can see, the lower leaves are not affected at all. I looked it up and it looks like nitrogen deficiency and the guide said not to treat that it is normal. Another possibility is they are close to the light but they do not look heat sensitive.

I am sending some pics. Let me know what you think. Thanks


Yeah, that doesn’t really look like light bleaching from getting too close to an LED, maybe, but I’m not so sure.

You usually won’t get heat burning under most LEDs, unless it is practically touching the LED’s themselves, if it is comfortable to the back of your hand it should be safe for the plant.

However, some LEDs can be focused enough and bright enough, without too much heat, and it can kind of over power the chloroplast in the leaves, and then it breaks down and the closest parts of the plant to the LEDs will lose color, literally bleach out. And this doesn’t really look like that, but it’s hard to say under the LED colored light, I’d have to see a good picture under normal white light.

To me it looks more like maybe nitrogen burn, but again, it is real hard to say without seeing it under pure white light in the photograph.

Appreciate the input. Nitrogen Burn ? as in too much nitrogen?

Yes. It could be another nutrient burn, but the beginnings of nitrogen burn can look like bright yellow at the tips of the new growth.

Nitrogen deficiency looks more like a fading to yellow, that usually doesn’t have the sharp distinct edge at only the tips.

I copyed your pic’s and viewed them in my paint program and did a little magic and ya I would say nutrient burm but I think Stoner maybe thinking some thing else I’em going to look it up in my guide on sick plants


I found an article that showed Nitrogen Toxicity and my plants match it almost exactly. All the symptoms match also. I am hoping I can catch it fast enough to not hurt the buds. I am going to lower my nutes and hope. I did not think a flush now would be a good idea while flowering. It seemed like too much trauma to the plant. Hope this will clear it. Any other suggestions? Would appreciate any input.


Yup, that is what it looked like to me. Do you have any idea of what the EC is in your soil? That would give a better idea if a flush really has to be done.

One of the reasons I like DWC hydro, you know exactly what is going on as far as EC and pH and it can be changed instantly by just a complete reservoir replacement/turnover. Especially in DWC, but in hydro in general, everything is almost instant, in soil, not so much, it buffers things, this can be a good thing, as things tend not to go bad as fast as they can in hydro, but it does also mean fixing and changing things in soil is a little slower as well.

But as it is soil, Latewood’s recommendation would be best


What is Latewood’s recommendation ? The pH of my soil is 6.5 in the roots, too high. I am stopping my nutrients and going to flush today with about 10 gallons of pH’ed water. Anything else that I can do? I don’t have an EC meter but have a Fertility reading on my pH meter. I think I read that this roughly equates to EC if I read right. my fertility reading is 5.5 which is on the border of normal and too little. My WW lady has been doing so good and I hate to loose her now. Help Please ! !


follow that link it should help you with your problem with ph in soil


pH of 6.5 is not too high for soil, that is near ideal, you can go slightly lower, maybe as low as 6.2 in soil.

The fertility meter, the numbers mean nothing. But it apparently is having a problem reading all your nutes, and your nitrogen is probably really high without the others being high, to have your probe read that the fertility could be maybe low but still obviously burning your leaves with too much nitrogen.

A flush will still lower the nutes, including the nitrogen. This is exactly why I don’t like using most miracle grow products on cannabis, they often have way too high of nitrogen and maybe not enough of the others to keep your plant healthy. I would never use miracle grow products except maybe the miracle grow for tomatoes or maybe the drops for cacti, and then one should follow the directions on the product as to recommended feeding.

I would also not use most of the stuff in the list on the link, and I don’t necessarily think Latewood would either, at least not in a small indoor grow, most of that stuff probably doesn’t work fast enough or reliably predictable enough, from what i understand, but I’m not him, and so I can’t say for sure. That is what I mean the he will have to say for himself. Also OldGoat has used some of that stuff, so he can also chime in with his experience.

As for normally lowering your pH in soil for cannabis, you can flush with water that is at a pH of 5.5 and keep flushing until it comes to the pH you want. I’ll invite Latewood to this conversation so he notices it. I’ll invite OldGoat also, so he can chime in.

Oh, also where are you sticking the probe, the top of the soil might not read at all the same as deeper down, near where most of the roots should be, the “root zone”. Try and get a reading from the bottom lower half of the soil, maybe a reading through a drain hole on the side of the container?

Probes were in the root area through the side. Flushed with pH 5.5 water until the runoff was at 6.3. Used all my stored up rain water (fortunately, or maybe not in Texas in the spring) we are in for a storm tonight and more rain water. Hard lessons are sometimes the best. Hope my WW makes it through. This will likely decrease her THC content but I can live with that as long as she makes it through.

I was thinking about getting some better nutes with NO NITROGEN. It was confusing to me that some nutes continue to add nitrogen throughout the grow. Guess it must be the strength of the nitrogen. Not really sure.

I appreciate everyone’s assistance. It is nice to be able to correspond and get better through it. Big Buds to all ! !


Forgot to send a pic or two for you to see the leaves in regular light. I have been so busy trying to grow them that I never took the time to really look at them outside the grow tent. It is really a pretty nice looking plant. Hope this makes the nitrogen burn (i believe it is) a little easier for someone else to identify this in their plants. This is Flower day 27.


I think you’ll be plenty happy with her THC, she doesn’t look nearly as far gone as some people’s plants, and then when they finally struggle past the finish line with Robert’s seeds, they usually say wow, as good as it is now, I can’t wait till next harvest and see how much better it can be when the plant is at it’s healthiest! LOL

Should I start nutes now? I flushed the offending pot and have trashed all nutes not specific and now have Bloom natural (0-10-0). I also wanted to add 2/2 (0-0-22) as well as Ca/Mg and a honey mixture. Is that too much? Want to get them growing again. My other two are doing great esp the AK-47 which has four major cola’s! I have decided to go with one manufacturer for all my nutes.

Enzymes are good, I know, but do you think I could get any benefit with about 30 days left on the grow?