Hi ILGM, I was looking at the grow journals and came upon one that was labeled" White Widow, Fairy Tale, & Madly Blue. Dated 2/10/13. I realize they were grown indoors and that’s what I am curious about. In the pics it showsWW week 1 flowering.But the plants are so small do they not go through veg state? This is only 2nd season for me so bare with my questions if they seem silly. I also read that WW plants aren’t very tall to begin with.I grow outdoors have 6 WW a few are short and a few are tall . All started from seeds and receiving the exact same soil and food ,water and light.

The date on the pics are wrong also these plants are 6 weeks old.

It would help if you posted a link to what you are talking about my dear :slight_smile:

OOOPS My bad. I do apologize. What I was trying to find out was was was OMG I have totally lost it I cant remember what it was…I am sorry for wasting your time.I am not usualy this airheaded.

No Worries :smiley: That is what we are here for. Support. Airheded; hmmm :slight_smile:

Dear latewood,Ok so you busted me I was baked not What I wanted to ask was my WW in the pic above seem small to you for 6 weeks old? I am using Happy Frog for soil , Sea Blast for nutes but am now using Rainbow as A friend recommended. :roll:My PH is at 7 and I am going to buy A digital reader that reads ecm/ppm. Or whatever that abbrv is. :oops: Thank-You for being so understanding .lmao.I shall not smoke before texting you …

I am so glad that you appreciate my sense of humor; Few do :smiley: We are always here for you.

No; Not really. I believe you should concentrate on health; Not size, when growing plants. Let the plants show you what they need. Looks good to me. I would be happy if I had healthy plants that size at 6 weeks.

You cause me to remember many years ago, when I started this journey. Ta ke care. :slight_smile: