[Reggie] My Plant Family

– Original post update Apr 4, 2017 –
latest updates will be in bold in the OP.

Even Know I have a post here already with some of the same things stated, it started to turn into more of a Grow Journal, so decided to start fresh one under grow journals.

Poor grower with a poor growers set up. because allot of it will be repeated. Ill leave it to the admins to delete the old one or not. I also wanted to clean up my post also.

(Plant #001 Born Jan - 21 - 2017) ______ -Indoor Current setup -

Number of Plant(s): 3

  • Plant 004, 005, 006

Number of Seed(s) germinating: 3
*3/6 success so far

Lights : Dual Head Led Grow Light, 10W (Bought on Amazon)
*I am aware people are stating to upgrade to CFLs, its on the list, just at the bottom under bills, & food.

Light Timer: 18/6 (Bought on Amazon)

Starting Soil: American Seed’s seed starting potting mix

  • This soil was used in the first plant, it has not been used in any of the current plants. See current soil.

Current Soil: All purpose re potting soil
*Contents of the soil as shown on package: Aged forest products, Processed pine bark,
Canadian sphagnum peat moss, reed sedge peat, sand and/or composted rice hulls,
perlite and limestone (pH Control).

Nutrient Mix: Not using any at this time, not having a pH Meter
*I am looking at a cheapy meter on some websites, but like the CFLs its at the bottom of the list.

Watering: Distilled water inside a fine spray mist bottle

Temps: 75-83’F
Setup sits ontop of a heating pad ontop of couple layer of foil, set on low.
The Temp reader is now in place and this is the temps. On a good warm day outside ill catch it lil warm in the grow space and make adjustments just in case and again when the temps force me to turn up the heat inside.

Humidity: Unknown, Its winter time and heating in the home is electric, so air should be pretty dry.

Ventilation system: Small DC Fan on low applying a fresh breeze.

Climate system: Heat is on, AC Is off, Dont own a Humidifier or De-Humidifier.

Co2: None used aside what comes out of the human body naturally or during cooking,
and my home is very small (27 Ft RV Small as I live full time in a RV).

Plant Strain: Unknown, seed came from some cheap reggie i got.
*reggie from what I know is weed named from poor rushed growing, and dehydration process
making low quality weed. The seed I got to germinate and start, I am gonna try to grow best I can
with what I got for a decent smoke for own use. Maybe some smart person can tell from looking
at it what strain it could be.

– Progress –
What I can tell from grow guides I have read, my plant is a little slow, but in my eyes so far is going well.

[Plant #001, Picture taken Jan - 29 - 2017] The leafs that help it break out of the seed are already staring to fall off by this time.

[Plant #001, Taken Feb - 3 - 2017] Seed breaking leafs have fallen off, and looks nice and green.
Sorry camera on my phone stinks. One moment takes a nice photos then dont another time
no matter how many times i try to take it.

[Plant #001, Taken Feb - 5 - 2017] Growing big. A little discoloring at the tip of one of the lower leafs.

As it grows I am gonna try to post photos as it grows. note any changes As I go if any. I am still doing allot reading from grow guides. Just a poor guy in poor health, with a poor setup. Showing how its going with my plant as a first time grower and what could be possible with the cheapest of things.

Always welcome to hear if there something I need to take action on looking at the latest photo, or reassure me the plant looks healthy and good at that time. I may also edit post as I go to fix things I messed up or important info that should be noted about my setup.

Good Day to you all!


They look to be doing ok soil was a little rich but has overcome already

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I would get that plant into a larger planter, maybe a solo cup size or a 1quart pot? Idk that tray you have is just for sprouts :+1::wink::v:

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@Donaldj sadly its just the one. so they isn’t the proper pronoun lol. I am holding hope the others will pop out but I don’t know if they ever will. They maybe duds that where lost during the dehydration process. I picked them from a baggy i got like a month before planting them. Really this whole planting was just a try my luck from seeds that came with some reggie i got. I didn’t think i would even get a one to pop, but as you can see. one did pop. lol

@AmnesiaHaze That is in the works. I think i have a decent pot somewhere. just need to find where i put it. I was thinking about transplanting it in a day or so. Its a scary thought honestly. I don’t want to cause too much trauma when i move it. but i know if i leave it in there it will hurt it all the same.

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Awesome your on he path to success! @Reggie

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- - Progress update - -
I went ahead and transplanted it to a bigger container. I’m so scared right now. I hope it will be OK, The starting soil even know i watered it to help hold the soil together it wanted to break apart some. I hope it wasn’t too hurt. I used some re potting soil.

Soil i re potted with is All purpose potting soil.

Contents of the soil as shown on package: Aged forest products, Processed pine bark, Canadian sphagnum peat moss, reed sedge peat, sand and/or composted rice hulls, perlite and limestone (pH Control).

Here’s how I look at things I can turn one healthy female into around 20 plants within 2 months via cloning so to me even a single plant is a success and a Bag seed koodos since they were free anyway :wink: Now comes the fun part bringing it to a healthy size to feed and grow I bet you didn’t expect to get this far so lights and fans let alone nutrients were not a consideration. The frustrating part is when you buy seeds to have none pop or get males at this point you have a perfect learning specimen to determine if you want to invest in seeds and equipment and are able to learn and grow with your plant male or female they all get same treatment until they flower :slight_smile:

@Donaldj very true. I just hope for hell’s bells my first is female and lives long enough to flower and give me some nice buds. But non the less yes I am learning from this, and i most likely will buy seeds from someone locally (a friend of mine may know some contacts), or i may buy like a small pack from WMS, Maybe pick from there cheap section a pack of 5 or something which could cost me no more then $25 I think including shipping. Unless that isnt a good deal. like $15 Shipping (there based out of the UK i think)

genetics are worth spending a few bucks and what you save providing for yourself is worth the effort please edit your post this site is sponsored by it’s seed sales and better you adjust than I flag or someone else does

@Reggie not trying to be rude just it’s a free site and none on here advertise for other seed banks we help regardless where you get seeds just try not too point people to competition thanks. You will find everyone here willing to help you learn and questions rarely go unanswered

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its ok, i removed the link.

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Thanks :slight_smile: she looks healthy and should be able to keep her that way without too much effort feel free to keep everyone updated and ask anything you wish they grow quite easily but like anything else they can reach true potential with gentle push and good TLC

that reggie will suprise you when grown and cured properly!

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@Reggie, honestly.my first grow was.just some.seeds.i found in.a bag I got from an old plug of mine. I didn’t know the strain or if it would be male or female. I used it as kind of like a gauge on weather or not I would enjoy it an if I could grow it. Well, I got it to 50+ days, then a timer never shut off an a heater fried her. Sad loss, but it taught me a lot an I knew I got this licked now haha

@Hawkeye_diesel Yeah i think you mentioned that in the other post. is sucks that happen. I hope that don’t happen to me. my heater set as low as it can go, and the timer is a brand new digital clock switch. I can hear it click when it shuts off and on. Seems to work and love the options on it.

Suppose its also sorta the bright side my set up being cheap. lights aren’t super powerful so if it got stuck on i would have time to notice it, and same if it got stuck off The timer has a little LED light that states if its active or not. its outside the setup in my line of sight pretty much at all times and that led light on the timer super bright so its hard to miss on or off. Already used to it being on at a certain time and off on another. so if it suddenly changed, i would notice pretty quick.

Thanks @Reggie
Saw your lastest pic all looking good :blush:
Happy growing brother :+1::v:CB

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@reggie, I’m sure you won’t run into that problem, , like I did. I was using a spare closet and at the time didn’t need much ventilation and the heater was supposed to just fun for a few minutes every hour, but I don’t know what happened.

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[Plant #001, Taken Feb 9, 2017]

Not a so impressive pot for sure. I would of swore i had one laying somewhere the same size. Might still but hell’s bells if i can find it. Think it wouldn’t be that hard to find something in such a tiny RV. So I took a plastic jar i saved from chocolate milk mix as they come in handy for sure. AND YES ITS VERY CLEAN!

Anyways The cutting around the top was in event i need to transplant it again. the way the container was shaped at the top i decided to make it more even at the top so its easy to transplant it instead of the narrowing top, and sure I stink at doing a perfect cut but whatever. lol

But the plants been inside this for 3 days now. One of the leafs don’t look real great but the rest looks nice and green. So I am hoping i didn’t hurt it in the transplanting. but as its so pointed out. I didn’t really pay for the seed, and regardless of its sex (which i don’t know yet). This is a learning experiences even if it kills over on me… Oh… I hope not and can call it a girl someday. hehehe.

I also up rooted the seeds that didn’t pop in the tray, changed out the soil as it was starting mold on me. I then replanted the seeds. I wanna try to give them every chance to pop. If they don’t after another month i suppose they never will. Sucks so hard however. The seeds left over aside from 2 slots in the tray out 12. Every slot has 2 seeds in it. I only had two seeds left when there was only 2 slots left on the tray.

Sucks with that number only 1 has popped. But again, every single one was collected out of a baggy of Reggie i got. Quick as that cheap stuff is process i guess its no wounder most are dead. I guess the one was just lucky.

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[Plant #001, Both photos taken Feb 10, 2017]

Is its sex about to show its self soon? or to a pro has it now? I am no pro. lol

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Nope… not quite yet!