Really could use some help PLEASE

Hello and thanks to anyone who has any advice. I am fairly new to growing and this being about my 3rd go around. I have Super Skunk in 5 gallon containers outdoors and it seems to have lost or losing its smell. When they were in veg they smelled to the point could smell them across my yard but now not even if stick my nose on the budlets… I’m in about week 3 of flowering and they look pretty nice but the smell has dissipated almost entirely. I’m using FFOF and just started using Tiger Bloom after flowering began. Have given them 2 doses at half the called for amount and 1 dose at the lower end of the recommended amount this last time. If there’s any advice anyone has I’d be so incredibly appreciative. I will mention that seems they have a slight skunk smell every so often mainly right after daylight in the mornings when I water but they smelled stronger in veg than now and I’m really worried something is wrong. So again please any advice would be great. Thank you!

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For many plants it’s entirely genetics. For others you’ll find that the plants will be stinky AF one day and almost nothing the next. At 3 weeks in flower I’m not surprised you have little aroma.

Now: ambient conditions will affect terpenes. High temps will volatilize the terpenes and ‘cook’ them off the plant. High temp and humidity can do the same. That said, plants will develop their aroma in cure so don’t lose hope.

Adding Epsom Salts to your watering will add sulfur which is beneficial for terpene production. 1 tsp per gallon or so.

Pictures would be nice…


Yep, my Zkittlez were the same way, smelled in veg and then went away during flower. The buds are 2 weeks into cure now and getting pretty dank whe you open that jar :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It’s normal like stated above you will get the smell back during curing but if you let temperatures and humidity get to high you will get that hay smell. Everybody says ideal temperatures is like 65 F and 60 humidity but i use my basement my temperatures is 68 and humidity is about 42 just have to keep check on it to not over dry

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I like it when they don’t stink the house smells better. Maybe not better but different.

Thank all of you for you’re replies. It has been a really hot August here where I’m at in the Mid Atlantic. So Epsons salt helps with smell i.e. Sulfur? Is there anything else that I can use and when it’s really hot like gonna push 100 here on Monday I will put them in the shade all day but is there anything I can do to help them stay cooler? Thanks again to everyone for their help.