ClaSSic. Any advice on these strains?



Just that they look good. Happy growing :seedling: :potted_plant:


Never grew super skunk but have some Zkittles. Don’t take heat to well in my experience but other then that easy to grow. Pretty plants indeed and your plants looks to be on a great start :grimacing:

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What where your temps in veg? And in bloom for the zkittlez @anon47338222

77 in veg and at the time in flower was 85

Readjusted some intake and exhaust I’m good now but have more to do I’m only running 4 1000 watt sodium’s at the moment and will go back to 8 in a few weeks… But a couple Zkittles hermied on me. I have some in there now happy with the lower temps and doing fine…Mid to high 70s at the moment and Rh 42… in summer I keep rh at 45-50 and last few weeks in flower I run it lower around what it is right now which is 42

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I always run a little cooler during bloom as in mother nature temperatures drop toward maturity. I always like to mimic Mother Nature as much as possible @GoBlue

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I try as well. Been getting down in the high 20s outside and even though the lights are on it’s 12 hrs off it still sticks around 68. Place is insulated more then most homes… Concrete floors and floors are painted white butt in winter we’re using 4’x8’ sheets of foam insulation ( green stx or some crap lol) from Lowe’s under all plants and trays…

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I raise plants on a milk crate. My space i like to keep the roots at a stable temp just under the canopy temps. I use a huge heat mat underneath my fabric pots. Seems to be working just fine over the years. Happy growing. :blush: @GoBlue

What ever works bruh… One issue I do have is the water coming out the tap is 52 degrees so I bought a large aquarium heater works great but need to buy another and another trash can. Have to fill it twice at the moment and is a pain in the butt… Takes awhile to heat the water so need two really.

What i use to water and make teas

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